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Women hats Buying Guide

Hats have had a very enigmatic presence ever since the beginning of time. Hats, worn by men and women give a classy and edgy look, that none other accessories can. The older era has seen an exhibition of different types of hats for women and men that were almost an impulsive necessity to glam up any attire. Even though post 90s a lot of them disappeared, the 21st century saw a massive comeback, which made hats a 'must-have' accessory. Today, there is a huge market for a variety of Women Hats that are suitable for every occasion.  It is seen as a mark of classy social status and improves your overall personality. Now, if you are someone who thinks, that hats can never look good on you, I suggest read this article and try again.

Different Types of Hats

Plain Straw Hat for Women

Made simply with straw and as a perfect accessory for the sweaty summers, this hat exhibits a deeper crown to fit in the head properly. It has a wide rim to balance the hat on either side preventing it from falling.

Colorful Braided Straw Hat for Women

Such hats, as the previous one are made for those sweaty summers and come with vibrant colored straw braids. These hats not only act as a perfect accessory for your beachwear but the colorful braiding gives you a very feminine look.

Crochet Hat

These exactly don’t fill the normal classifications of a hat with a brim and crown, because it doesn’t have it. It’s rather a delicately carved hat without a brim or crown and usually is smaller than a hat. These hats contain ornate designs and match with different lady-like attire and is a hit among the majority of women.

Beanie Hat

This hat is designed in a more of ‘pull over your head’ fashion. It showcases no brim or crown and usually hugs the head while wearing, acting as a perfect casual date night accessory.

Breton Hat

Breton hats resemble the police caps that are seen, but more on the couture side. These hats contain a round crown without any elongated part and contain a brim that inclines towards the crown providing more headspace which makes the cap sit comfortably on the head.  

Cartwheel Hat

The width of the brim and the shape resembles a cartwheel and, thus the name. This hat offers a retro look to your whole personality with a wide brim and a shallow crown.

Sun Hat

These hats, as the name suggests is made to protect you from the sun rays and contains a very wide brim that reaches your shoulder, providing good protection to your face and neck.

Fedora hat

Fedora hats have a smaller intended brim and are pinched towards the front on both sides. It's trendy yet sassy and is in great demand among young women.

Benefits of Wearing Hats

Sun Protection

Suntan is good for the body but on the face is a strict no. Therefore, hats are the first choice when you think of suntan and beach that might be the only way to enjoy the sun without burning your face. Especially for occasions like these, many hats are made of nylon fabric as nylon helps keep the harsher sun rays at bay.


Be it the sun protection, or protection from cold, or protect your hair from external elements, or add a fashion statement.

Overall Appeal

Hats not only accentuates your personality but also uplifts the effects of your overall attire. Hats, if chosen wisely, can complement any attire, be it bathing suits or a jumpsuit. This versatile feature of hats goes greatly with women's attires of all kinds.

A Great Fashion statements

Hats have always been considered as classy and elegant and you can shine on in anywhere if you choose to wear the right kind of hat. these are one of the most experimental pieces of accessory in fashion shows. 

Hair Protection

Hats provide a lot of protection to the scalp, thus preventing damage to hair cells and follicles by preventing dirt and dust to accumulate on the scalp. Also, it stops the hair from being a tangled mess as the hat can be secured in a place with its option of velcro band.

Ways to Select the Right Women Hat for Yourself

There are two steps that can help you choose the right kind of hat. Your head size, that can be measured using a measuring tape and your face shape. These two, if done correctly will make you land with the perfect hat.

The Shape of your Face

Your face shape and the shape of your hat must complement each other. This will not only accentuate your looks but keep you more at ease. For example, a round face should go for an angular hat, long faces should go for a wide-brim hat, and oval faces are versatile and can go with any hats. 

The Full Outfit

The hat you are choosing and the outfit you have in mind should complement each other. Wearing a casual straw hat with your ‘little black dress’ might not give a full appeal but wearing an elegant LBD or ‘little black dress’ with a black Fedora hat might do the trick.


Complex hats maybe a fashion hit but looks best only in runways and not in real life. Choosing a simple yet elegant, classy yet convenient hat is the key to carry a hat in a great way. 

Hat and Hairstyles

Hairstyles play a big role in making the hat and your attire go together. A tie-up hairdo will look better with a hat with wisps of hair out, which will give you a feminine look and the exposed nape of your neck will add a touch of elegance and desirability. 

Shopping Technique

Always select multiple stores before settling for the type of hat you want. As speciality hat stores have a variety of collection, you should be able to find the one that suits you the most. 


Women Hats are classy accessories and goes with almost any kind of attire. All thanks to its massive styles and collection. If you have been skeptical about buying a hat for some time, do not think another minute now. Go take your head size and make that perfect hat yours. For more on options, take a look at our featured section for some of the recommended and popular Women Hats today. 

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