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Samsung 75-inch TU-7000 Series Class Smart TV

inputs HDMI,2 USB,1 1 RF,Satellite cable input,super easy control
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About Samsung 75-inch TU-7000 Series Class Smart TV
80% were happy with the audio quality, however 20% weren't happy
The sound quality of the TV is fuzzy and I have to increase the volume to make out what people say. I have never had this issue with a TV before.
75% found it easy to connect but 25% didn't
I love the bluetooth pairing with my Samsung soundbar.
I connect my TV to my external Bluetooth receiver and also connect to my 5G WiFi network and ethernet. I am satisfied with the connectivity options and experience minimal lag while connecting to external devices.
I am disappointed with the number of HDMI inputs and cannot turn off some connectivity options like Bluetooth.
88% appreciated the bezel and screen design
The bezel is super thin, giving the TV a sleek look.
88% appreciated the color accuracy while 12% didn't find it exceptional
The color accuracy of my TV is not as accurate as my plasma, but it is still watchable.
It was difficult to get the color to look decent on my TV.
86% were satisfied with the response time, however 14% weren't satisfied
The TV has a slow response time to the remote control.
Even after adjusting all settings, the TV color is still very dark.
The built-in 'Motion Smoothing' algorithm is the real issue. It was immediately noticeable when I turned on the unit. I have tried adjusting the values every which way possible, including turning 'OFF' this entire feature, but still, there is some soap opera effect happening even when I watch shows like Marvelous Maisel.

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