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Overall BVR Rating Based on 2200+ reviews




Ease of use


Toasting time



  • Easy controls
  • Fast preheating
  • Different color range


  • Expensive


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Ease of use


Toasting time




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Overall BVR Rating Based on 4100+ reviews




Ease of use


Toasting time



  • Fast reheating
  • Stainless design
  • Affordable


  • No color options
  • Slow timing
  • Small capacity

Feature wise top Toaster oven

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Toaster Oven Buying Guide

Toaster Ovens have been around for a while, with plenty of new models introduced over the years. It is a very convenient appliance to have in any kitchen. Whether you enjoy crisp slices of toast for breakfast, or pizza for snacks, or even roast chicken, Toaster Ovens are comfortable appliances for such convenient cooking. High-end Toaster Oven models often feature a convection setting, which cook dishes faster, saving time and energy. With a wide range of styles, sizes, and unique functions available, finding the perfect one for your kitchen can be a bit tiring. Our guide will help you with everything you need to know before buying a Toaster Oven.  

Benefits of Toaster Ovens 

Uses Less Energy 

The smaller the size of a Toaster Oven, less the energy and time it takes getting preheated to an optimal temperature. This makes them an Eco-friendly choice when compared to larger wall ovens.  

The Best Alternative to an Oven 

If you live in a small apartment and you don't have enough space to accommodate an oven, then a Toaster Oven can fill in the gap. These appliances are compact and can perform almost all major tasks like a regular oven.  

Factors to Consider before Buying a Toaster Oven 


Generally, Toaster Ovens come with a baking rack and crumb pan, while higher-end models often including accessories such as upscale pizza stones, baking pans, and broiler trays. Keep in mind that most of your standard-sized cooking gear won’t fit in a Toaster Oven, and a set of custom accessories will be very helpful. 

Automatic Shut-Off 

The automatic shut off feature allows the appliance to shut down once the food inside is cooked or heated. When a programmed cooking cycle is complete or when time runs out, it automatically shuts off. This keeps the food from burning if you are not available to remove it promptly.  

Temperature Range 

Check the description for the temperature settings that is available in your model. If the foods you want to make in your Toaster Oven require a level of temperature that the model you buy doesn’t reach, you may regret your purchase. 


Many consumers are surprised to learn that you can reheat leftovers in a Toaster Oven and your food will not lose its “crunch”. The reheat option in a Toaster Oven takes longer as compared to a microwave, but it provides better results. However, Toaster Oven reheat settings are different as compared to microwave reheat settings. 

Preset Settings 

Many Toaster Ovens will come with certain preset settings. These will not only add convenience but also give you an idea of what type of cooking each model can deliver.  

Timers and Alerts 

Go for models that include a built-in timer with alarm sounds that will give off a signal when the food is ready. This doesn't require you to manually monitor the food, while it is being cooked.


Toaster Ovens are handy appliances that can fix you a quick breakfast or a snack conveniently. Before buying one, consider the available space in your kitchen, and evaluate the features that will be helpful in your daily cooking and meal prep before making a final choice. If you feel you are confused, considering the options in the market, take a look at our featured section above for some of the recommended models.  

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