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SwissGear 7739 Hardside Luggage Trunk with Spinner Wheels

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About SwissGear 7739 Hardside Luggage Trunk with Spinner Wheels
71% appreciated the durability and material, , while 29% were disappointed
On the first trip, the handle of my suitcase pulled out of the frame.
I noticed that the wheels are not durable enough for tough travel.
74% liked the size and capacity
I noticed that the luggage has a small, zippered gusset built into where you open the luggage, and it expands the space very nicely. The gusset adds about an inch of extra depth, which adds several cubic inches of capacity without creating bulges on the exterior, such as outer zippered pockets do on some luggage.
The interiors have plenty of room and the luggage is easier to pack than the floppy, soft-sided designs in recent years.
68% were satisfied with the handle design, although 32% weren't
I can easily extend and lock the handle of the suitcase at my preferred height.
On my first trip, the handle pulled out of the frame.
80% highlighted the wheels and maneuverability, yet 20% encountered issues
The wheels spin and roll beautifully and the handle is easy to extend and lock into place at my preferred height.
The wheels on my large suitcase don't roll freely like they're supposed to. They face backward at an awkward angle even on smooth, flat surfaces, causing it to constantly trip when pushed and not perform much better when pulled.

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