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SUPER DEAL 21 Inch Carry On Luggage Hardside Expandable Suitcase

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About SUPER DEAL 21 Inch Carry On Luggage Hardside Expandable Suitcase
73% were satisfied with the handle design, although 27% weren't
I struggled to carry the luggage as the handle broke and wouldn't go back down, making it feel like a lawyer suitcase.
The handle separated from the extending bar, making it precarious to use the telescoping walking handle. It became nearly useless after only 4 trips.
75% appreciated the durability and material, , while 25% were disappointed
I have praised the durability of my suitcase. The composite exterior doesn't show any signs of wear and tear, even after being handled by Uber drivers and baggage handlers.
I am disappointed with the durability of the suitcase as the handle separated from the extending bar after only about 4 trips, making it nearly useless.
I faced a setback during my journey when one of the zippers broke down, leaving me struggling to access my belongings and causing unnecessary frustration.
78% appreciated the compartments and organization
The suitcase has a zipper expansion that allows moderate level of customization to increase or decrease its capacity.
88% highlighted the wheels and maneuverability
The suitcase is easy to maneuver with its 360 wheels and is lightweight.
79% liked the size and capacity
The suitcase is the perfect size for overhead bins on any airline and has a moderate level of customization with the zipper expansion to adjust its capacity according to my needs.

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