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KOS Organic Luminous Blue Spirulina Powder

Kos Organic Luminous Blue Spirulina Powder Natural Food Coloring, A Superfood Powder, A Blue Organic Food, 27 Servings, Powerful Antioxidants, A Nutritious Boost, An Energizing Boost, Blood Iron Levels, A Complete Protein Source, A Fiber Supplement, A Gmp & Nsf Certified Facility, Immune System Support

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Reason to Buy

  • Formulated with organic green algae that gives an energizing boost to blood iron levels
  • Rich chlorophyll content helps to strengthen gut flora and promote digestion
  • Contains all essential amino acids that helps to revitalize muscles

Minor Drawbacks

  • May have an unpleasant taste

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  • Value for money
  • What users have to say about KOS Organic Luminous Blue Spirulina Powder

    The amount of space is 381.5g, or 93 grams, despite the fact that it is attached to a photo.

    The texture is consistent, and blends easily into smoothies. Adding two scoops of the flavor to a smoothie with 3 cups of other ingredients will yield a noticable but mild and definitely-tolerable flavor.

    I have no regrets about using the second shot of the spirulina product from the company, because I was very satisfied with the first one.

    I purchased all of the products from KOS and I am amazed at how quickly my body functions after a couple of weeks.

    If you are on this page, you already know about the potential health benefits of gram gram for gram spirulina. It is a true superfood and I have chronic anemia, so this is one of the many reasons I wanted to add.



    Is the color blue or green?


    Thank you for reaching out, I'll get back to you soon!


    Does it have any taste to it?


    It has any taste to it, a bouquet of ocean, a whiff of fish food, and a rind of crab.


    What is the color of the powder?


    Why did they post a picture of a blue smoothie?


    Does this product need animal waste to be organically grown?


    I don't see how it would involve animal waste if they dump live cattle into the ocean to feed it.


    Does it need to be refrigerated?


    It is a powder without the need for refrigeration.

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