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Degrease Shampoo for Oily Hair Care

Item Form : Liquid


Hair Type : Oily
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About Degrease Shampoo for Oily Hair Care
76% added volume and body to hair
I am satisfied with the volume of the shampoo as the bottle contains 25 fl oz.
79% enjoyed the pleasant fragrance of the shampoo
The shampoo has a nice herbal/citrus scent and does not dry out my hair.
71% soothed and nourished the scalp
I have personally experienced the benefits of this shampoo. It has eased the itching of my scalp and made my hair soft, manageable, and less greasy. Based on my experience, I can say that this shampoo is highly effective.
71% provided moisture; however, 29% felt it weighed down hair
After using this shampoo, my hair was left dry, ratty, and tangled. Even after conditioning, I could still feel that my hair was dehydrated and not as healthy as it was before using this shampoo. Based on my experience, this shampoo is not moisturizing enough for my hair type.
76% effectively cleansed hair and scalp
This shampoo gave my hair and scalp a thorough cleansing with just one lather. I massaged it into my hair for about 2 minutes and then rinsed. My hair felt completely clean.

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