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Feature wise top Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

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Reverse Osmosis Water filters

Reverse Osmosis is a very clever way of purifying potable water to the level of their molecules. Most of the water filters nowadays prefer the reverse osmosis process as it's a more thorough filtration process. Before we proceed on the various concepts of this filtration process let's try and understand one basic difference between the reverse osmosis process and normal filtration process. Normal filtration process just separates solids from liquids but in reverse osmosis, the filtration force separates even the dissolved molecules and ions. This is done by allowing the water to flow from more impurity side to less impurity side through a membrane.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Water Tastes Better

Water obtained through reverse osmosis water or RO water tastes just like a bottle of mineral water or a pack of bottled water but without the added cost.

A Good Way of Life

Drinking RO water ensures pure potable water leading to good health which cannot be obtained by having water through normal filtration. Normal filtration may be a channel to various water-borne diseases which is not a possibility in case of RO water.

Helps in Getting Rid of Contaminants

RO water goes through an additional purification process where the adulterated and contaminated water is pushed through a penetrable mesh-like structure, resulting in purified water. Such a process even ensures elimination of toxins like arsenic and lead.

Energy Efficient

The best part about RO Water Filter is not only it’s purification but also, it's energy usage, which is much less as compared to other filtration processes. This is due to the fact, that only the final filtered water needs to be pumped to the service lowering its energy usage. 

Ergonomic and Good Capacity

RO Water Filters, with the help of the advent of technology, are built in a portable manner and are light-weight. Because of its compact size, it can be fitted anywhere. The storage of a RO water filter is usually so much, that there is no need to store pure water in bottles, rather it can be consumed directly from the filter for a good amount of time. 

Easy Maintenance

RO Water Filters come with advanced technology allowing you the freedom to change and maintain the filters after 6 months or sometimes even a year. This saves quite a lot of time and money, not to forget the added benefits. Even if there is some issue regarding the filter, then usually good customer care services are available to provide you with the maintenance right at the comforts of your home. 

Multi-Level Purification

RO Water Filters have many editions to its basic model, each better than the last. Every RO Water Filters, in order to provide safe water, allows it to pass through various levels of the filtration process, built within the body. Many companies allow customized models of added filtration levels as per their convenience. 

Economic Investment

Have you realized how much we spend on bottled water every year in our need to have pure water? Well, with a RO Water Filter at your disposal, you can say goodbye to store-bought bottled water as you can have the same water right in your house. Also, a RO Water Filter, if maintained properly has a span of 10-15 years saving you all the money that you spend outside in purchasing filtered water. 

Factors to consider before buying a Reverse Osmosis filter


This is the first factor for any investment that we plan to make. RO Filters demand significant investment and therefore, determining your budget while investing is always recommended.


Since RO Water Filters can be fitted anywhere, it becomes quite convenient to own one. But even in their range of compact sizes, determining which size will be convenient is very important. Usually, in smaller apartments, a filter filling the countertop is quite recommended by experts.


Determining the storage of your RO Water Filter is important as you don’t want to keep filling it repeatedly to satiate you and your family’s high-water intake. Thus, purchasing one with a good water storage feature is important. 


Understanding the water filtration process of your RO Filter is very important. Some RO Filters come with just a single but effective filtering membrane and some come with more advanced carbon filtering membrane. 

Convenient to Use

RO Water Filters are quite convenient owing to its easy installation and easy-to-use features. 

Warranty and Easy Part Placement

Always go for a model whose parts are easily available in case of replacement and always settle for a company that provides a good warranty of at least one year along with efficient customer service. 

Essential features to look for in a RO filter

Elimination of Dissolved Contaminants

Always go for a RO Water Filter that can provide efficient and thorough filtration to the extent of removing even the dissolved contaminants.

Efficient Power Consumption

Always settle for a star-rated product as they are more efficient in terms of power usage.

Filtration Process

A RO Water Filter with multi-levels of filtration which will ensure bottled quality safe potable water is highly recommended. 


Size matters, especially if you are living in a smaller apartment. Good RO Water Filters come with decent water storage container along with an efficient purification system in place. 

Convenient Operation

This is a very important feature. Many RO Water Filters come with a lot of additional controls like music to alleviate the experience. However, keeping it simple helps.


As the world is progressing, so are the diseases. There is hardly any product left to ingest which is pure and devoid of chemicals or toxins. At such, having a possibility of obtaining clean potable water is a blessing. RO Water Filters have made this possible and with every passing day, they are improved to suit the changing needs. So, if you want to get that water purifier you have been thinking about for so long, getting a RO Water Filter is a good idea. To help you choose a suitable filter, take a look at our featured section for recommendations on the various types listed above. 

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