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Kuenuilr Cutting Wheel Set 36pcs for Rotary Tool

Most Power Rotary Tools, The Cutting Wheels, Hss Circular Saw Blades, High Quality Diamond, 545 Diamond Cutting Wheels

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  • Designed with high-quality stainless steel material that offers an extended durability
  • Equipped with high-quality diamond wheel that offers stability
  • Comes with 5 outer diameter that can be suitable for cutting wood, plastic products, aluminum alloy and soft metal


  • May come with tiny screws

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  • Users of this product said

    There are 7 blade holder shafts, one large diameter for a drill, they are nice and designed to hold the blade secure.

    I like that the set comes with dual adapters that can fit small (regular) rotary tools and bigger drills but be careful, because this set is not supposed to be used for big and hard things.

    I was glad I bought a 12V version of the dremel rather than the lower voltages one because it might have been too much for.

    I used 3m tape to make a straight line, but the blade broke, I didn't wear safety glasses, but I'm glad I did because it shattered my face.

    It's pretty hard to open them in a sealed pocket because they're in a sleeve, but they're protected from each other.

    Question & Answers


    What dremel can be used to attach the blades?


    The dremel 3000 is works great.


    Will it work with Dremel 7700?


    Yes, why not.


    Will they work on metal bolts?


    The best choice is more likely a reciprocating saw, rather than a circular one.


    Will they work with a ryobi rotary tool?


    I don't know how the ryobi works, I have a dremil and it works great.


    Is it possible it will cut 29 Guage sheet metal?


    I don't think it will if you use all the cutting saws.

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