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Photo Sticks Buying Guide

Technology never ceases to amaze us. Everywhere we look, the evolution of technology has appalled us to stop and marvel at it. One such wonder has been the invention of Photostick that has redefined the concept of preserving photos or videos through a contemporary solution. Photostick is a massive ingenious external storage that can store a large number of photographs with the help of a technology that sorts out through our devices like PC's to identify and store images. Even though a Photostick resembles a flash drive do not mistake it for a flash drive as the biggest difference between them is their storage capacity and usage. While flash drives are used pretty much to store everything as a back-up, a Photostick is specifically used to store and sort photos and videos.

Advantages of a Photostick

An Alternative for Cloud Storage

This device can act as an alternative for cloud storage or could be better than a cloud. A cloud, of course, is another extraordinary technological innovation but its restrictions of being full or some incident may cause you to lose all your pretty pictures. With Photostick being offline in nature, no such thing can happen unless of course, you lose the device.

Massive Space

Photosticks give us what we exactly want from a photo storage back-up, which is space. Often clouds and memory cards or even flash drives become full making the whole process of storing photos in one destination, futile. A Photostick can solve all of these as it comes with a humongous space of a maximum of 1 Terabyte that is able to store thousands of photos up to a limit of 1,00,000 shots. 


Photosticks come with great ease of use and convenience as there is no need for any extension of external equipment to operate it effectively. Additionally, its compact size just adds on to the convenience factor allowing us to use it anytime, anywhere. 


Photosticks come with a very versatile technology that allows it to sync with any device and any operating system without using any external devices or extensions. It is because of this nature; it has become quite popular among the millennials. Today’s era is of iPhones and advanced operating systems, which has made the Photostick quite in-demand. 

No Duplication of Photos

The built-in software of a Photostick comes with a wonderful feature of avoiding duplication of photos and videos while sorting through your files. If the photo stick finds any duplicated media, it saves only the original file and skips the rest of the duplicated photos. This way you don’t have to sit for hours deleting any duplicated media next time you use the Photostick.  

Features of a Photosticks

One-click Solution

As simple as the structure of a Photostick, equally simple is its function. Just insert into one of the input slots provided in your laptop or phone and start transferring with just one click. 

Multi-file Compatibility

Whether it's an iPhone or an Android, a normal PC or a Mac, Photostick provides one-stop photo solution to all uniformly. It also stores photo in a format and can be launched into any kind of OS without any complication.

Compact Size

The size of a Photostick is like a flash drive. It can be carried anywhere, in a pocket or wallet or even a purse. 

Quick Transfer

One of the important factors apart from being efficient is its speed of transfer. Photosticks offer quick transfer and sorting of photos, without manually sorting through everything. This efficiency suits the users a lot, making them prefer a Photostick over other external hard drives.

Smart Storage

A Photostick comes in good packaging with a separate box or bag to store it, making it easy to find and store, rather than up-turning the house in order to find it.

No Online Connectivity Required

Photostick is external storage that acts like a flash drive and can transfer photos without an internet connection making it one of the favorite external devices available. 

Things to Look for while Buying a Photostick

Storage and Memory

They play a very big role in helping you choose the right product. Depending on your purpose, choose a Photostick accordingly. No one wants to keep switching to new devices because of the lack of memory.

After-Sales Service

As important it is for you to analyze the product, equally important is to understand your value with the company. Warranty, replacement and after-sales service should be kept in mind before buying a Photostick. 


Understand the purpose for which you are looking for a photo stick. Depending on your use, go for a photo stick that suits your purpose. If you are a professional photographer in search for an equally feasible device, then go for 1 terabyte or if you are looking just for usual storage, you can opt for an 8 GB memory that can store up to 3000 photographs.


Always check the compatibility of the device in the description before buying. 


Although the size remains the same, the styles and color vary slightly but significantly. Choosing the style that suits you is very important as at the end of the day, a photo stick is going to stay with you for a long time. 


In this era of selfies and memories, keeping yourself at par with technology is important. A cloud is password protected and a flash drive gets filled easily. At such, having a comprehensive solution like Photostick is a good way to preserve your memories. Take a look at our featured section for more information on Photostick as we have listed down some of the most recommended ones for you. 

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