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Dockers Store Men's Slide Sandal

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About Dockers Store Men's Slide Sandal
82% were satisfied with the traction; however 18% found it lacking
I threw out the product because the constant injury it caused was a deal breaker for me. I hope it is recyclable.
77% found it light in weight, but 23% felt it was little heavy
After a day of walking, I have noticed a significant difference in how I feel with the additional support.
The size of the sandals is not a regular 15, but more like a 15 wide.
The sandal is too heavy and keeps coming loose from my foot, no matter how much I push it into the stirrup.
77% were satisfied with the water resistance, but 23% weren't
I find the sandal too tight on my feet, causing inflammation and water retention in my legs.
69% appreciated the odor control, but 31% faced problems
The sandals can get stinky due to the squishy comfort padded soles that hold liquid, even when completely exposed to air. This happens when I sweat in them.
79% found the material durable , but 21% didn't
I have been wearing them regularly for weeks and there is no sign of wear and tear. The stitching is impeccable and the sole shows no signs of flattening out.
The only drawback of these sandals is the durability of the fusion footbed, specifically the cover of the memory foam. It tends to wear out where my toes and heels are.
86% liked the comfort, while 14% were disappointed
After wearing the sandals for more than a few minutes, I realized they have zero arch support.
73% found it breathable
The sandals I'm wearing are thick and prevent my feet from burning in the Arizona heat.
78% were impressed with the arch support, although 22% weren't
After wearing the sandals for more than a few minutes, I realized that they have zero arch support.
There is no arch support and the insole seems upside down or backwards. The support is all around the edges, which is the opposite of what I want.
84% were satisfied with the adjustability, although 16% weren't
I need the adjustable strap so that my sandals don't fly off when I take a couple of steps.
I suggest adjusting the strap with velcro between the two pieces of material for further adjustments.
I found the top strap to be too loose, giving about a half an inch of extra space between the top of my foot and the strap, even though it is size 15.
I returned the product because the straps couldn't be adjusted and were too loose for me without socks.

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