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Lenovo 14" IdeaPad N42-20 Chromebook

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About Lenovo 14" IdeaPad N42-20 Chromebook
81% were satisfied with the build quality
The laptop seems quite durable and is made well.
The plastic is hard and lightweight, which may make it feel cheap to some, but personally, it's exactly what I hoped for. Also, I have a bird who will chew anything he can dent with his beak, but he has not been able to put a scratch on this laptop.
81% found the keyboard and touchpad comfortable, although, 19% were dissatisfaction
I appreciate the chicklet style keyboard and the touchpad's responsiveness and water-resistant feature.
I find the keyboard a bit cramped for touch typing at any speed due to my large hands and arthritis.
82% highlighted the graphics capability, yet 18% found it lacking
The laptop is powerful enough for daily use, even for heavy web-browsing.
The laptop's video quality is poor compared to higher level laptops. I tried watching a baseball game via MLB.TV and it was extremely choppy, the laptop couldn't handle the video.
76% appreciated the portability
I was specifically looking for a light weight laptop with long battery life, indicating my need for portability and weight.
I like the size and weight of the laptop, making it easy to carry around.
The laptop is light and easy to carry around in a backpack or laptop case.
81% found the battery long lasting
This Chromebook is designed for a long battery life. I think I could squeeze 8-9 hours out of it if I dim the backlight down a bit.
I used my laptop for 7 hours and it was only at 60% battery, which proves its good battery life.
The laptop has an amazing battery life and can last for a couple of long days on a single charge.
77% praised the processor speed, but 23% encountered issues
This chromebook is powerful enough for non-graphics intensive work, like heavy web-browsing, to be used as a daily driver.
The laptop has a dual core INTEL Celeron 3060 CPU, which relates to Processor Speed.

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