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Fusion5 14.1" Full HD Windows 10 Professional Slim n Light Laptop

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About Fusion5 14.1" Full HD Windows 10 Professional Slim n Light Laptop
82% praised the processor speed, but 18% encountered issues
I compared the processor speed of this laptop with my wife's earlier Fusion 5 machine and found that this laptop has a faster processor.
The Intel Celeron processor efficiently handles tasks like word processing, internet surfing, and video calling.
My laptop is really slow and unresponsive.
86% were satisfied with the build quality, however 14% found it less durable
I was initially concerned about the ultra-thin chassis, but found it to be very light and sturdy even when resting on my lap.
This laptop may not have the same build quality as more expensive models, but it is functional, looks good, and meets my needs.
83% found the keyboard and touchpad comfortable, although, 17% were dissatisfaction
The keyboard is very touch sensitive, but it may be because I am still getting used to using it.
86% appreciated the portability
The laptop is perfect for commuting as it is lightweight and thin.
This laptop is light weight and can be carried with a telescope, making it suitable for frequent travelers or commuters.
The laptop is beautifully easy to carry around and is light-weight.
89% found the battery long-lasting, however 11% were dissatisfied
In my opinion, a new laptop's lithium battery takes at least 10 charges and recharges.
The battery life of my laptop is not great and lasts only a couple of hours.
After being fully charged, the battery charge lasts only a very short time.
I am disappointed with the laptop's battery life as it only lasted for 8 hours instead of the promised 16 hours on the buying page.

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