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Nature's Bounty Krill Oil 300 mg 30 Softgels

Primary Supplement Type : Omega-3


Unit Count : 30


Item Form : Softgel


Item Weight : 500mg


Container Type : Bottle
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About Nature's Bounty Krill Oil 300 mg 30 Softgels
81% appreciated its purity
High-quality krill oil has supported my heart and joint health and improved my overall well-being.
88% liked the odor and taste; however, 12% found it unpleasant or fishy
I appreciate that the softgels of this krill oil supplement do not leave any unpleasant aftertaste.
I find the taste and stickiness of the supplement unpleasant.
When I opened the bottle, there was a very strong fishy odor.
81% noticed improvements in specific health areas
I have noticed enhanced joint mobility and flexibility, and the supplement has helped maintain cardiovascular function.
I have found the krill oil supplement helpful in supporting heart and joint health, and improving overall well-being.
82% noticed positive effects on health
The krill oil supplement has been effective in supporting my heart and joint health, improving my overall well-being, and enhancing joint mobility and flexibility. It has also helped maintain my cardiovascular function.

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