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DEWALT Jigsaw Blades Set with Case

18, 10, 6Tpi/10Tpi Blades Are 4-Inch Long, 6, 32-Teeth Per Inch Blades, T-Shank Design Fits All Bosch And Dewalt Jig Saws, 12, 18Tp

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  • Comes with 6, 10, 12, 18, 32-teeth per inch blades that offer a long-time usage
  • The 18TPI/32TPI blades are 3-inches long that offer convenient usage
  • Made with a T-shank design that fits all Bosch and ALT saws making it useful


  • May not be good for vinyl floor

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  • Users of this product said

    I bought these jig saw blades to use on my new blade runner, they are smooth cutting and do not jump or bind, they are a multiy blade pack, and you can use them on wood, tile, plastic, or steel.

    The Dewalt set comes with a good basic variety to cover most basic needs, but the case is really important to hold all of the blades, I no longer have to search around for them in my tool box.

    When I purchased the 20v max set, they sent me a free fence, but it didn't come with a fence, and they didn't charge me for it.

    The only weakness is that it only works with transformers in the US, so it doesn't work outside of the US, but I was very happy with the shipment and the international delivery was very fast.

    I am a huge Bosch blade man, but Dewalt makes a great blade as well, and I can't complain about this bit box, it keeps all my blades organized perfectly.

    Question & Answers


    Is the dw3765h wood blade capable of cutting curves in 2x4 treated lumber? it is long enough, but I read elsewhere it is limited to 1 inch cuts.


    It depends on the wood and how careful you are. Only one inch on hardwoods.


    What's the thickness of these blades?


    It's a bit hard to measure, but I think it's probably correct, the kerf is.05" or 1/20".


    Will they work with worx jigsaws?


    I bought some no-name blades from China and they fit perfectly.


    Is this compatible with my dewalt jigsaw model de321?


    No, this number doesn't mean anything to me.


    Is it made in USA?


    I have some 7 DeWalt 18v tools and they are all first class items, so I can be sure that it is a good item if DeWalt puts their name on it.

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