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Feb 25, 2020

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Best 10 Humidifier in 2020



  • High output with great mist range

  • Noticeable changes in breath

  • Very convenient and easy to clean

  • Bit water consuming

  • Filling water is bit tricky

  • Hard water leaves white dust


  • Great output with various speed options

  • Night mode

  • Convenient large tank for less refill

  • Automatic high and low mist

  • Makes a little noise

  • Hard water deposits dirt and leaves white mark



  • Easy to control air directions

  • Various output speeds

  • Night mode with remote control

  • Bit noisy

  • Hard water deposits dirt and leave stains


  • Switch to choose output level

  • Various level of mist setting

  • Energy saving and comfortable to use

  • Refilling tank required over 50% output

  • Average output

  • Output drops when bottom gets flooded


  • Provides very good output

  • Convenient large hole to fill water and clean

  • Good night light design

  • Require more output for larger rooms

  • On highest settings water last only 10 hours

  • Water last only 10-14 hours at highest settings

Feature wise top Humidifier


TaoTronics Cool Mist...


Homech 6L Cool Mist...


Homech 6L Cool Mist...


Miroco MI-AH001 Ultrasonic...

Hard water

Homech 6L Cool Mist...


  • 4 Different output setting

  • Good moisture output

  • Convenient to fill from the top

  • No difference between output settings

  • water leaves white dust ring in tank

  • Hard water leaves white dust


  • Great mist output at max settings

  • Night mode

  • Convenient water supply

  • Smaller tank capacity

  • Reverse upside down to fill the water

  • Makes a little noise


  • Little nozzle to set steam direction

  • Makes less noise

  • Great output

  • Occasional sound of water moving

  • Bit difficult to scrub and clean

  • Bit difficult to flip it over after full tank


  • Good capacity to hold water

  • Convenient handle

  • Very efficient and effective

  • Night led color yellow-green

  • Effect your voice over time

  • Difficult to clean reservoir tank

Guide to buying a Gas Water Heater

A Gas Water Heater works by opening a hot water tap and a sensor detects the flow. The gas burner fires and the heat exchanger warms the flowing water. When the tank water temperature drops below the thermostat set-point, the water heater works by having the burner run until the temperature recovers to the set-point.

Buying a new water heater is not something you do all too often, so if it’s time to replace your water heater or you want to buy a brand new one, you want to do it right. If you are on the hunt for a new water heater for your home or office consider the below factors before you determine what to purchase.

What are the benefits of a Gas Water Heater?

A gas water heater offers a number of advantages:

Easy to Install

Gas Water Heaters are typically more compact in size, meaning that it takes up less space than your typical water heaters. This small size lets you install it more conveniently.


Gas Water heaters are relatively cheaper to operate than electric heaters. Although propane is more expensive than natural gas but it is still much cheaper than electric. Purchasing a new water heater is a significant investment. By buying a gas water heater, you can recoup your cost via energy bill savings, and you can improve the hot water supply for your household’s needs.

Better recovery

Gas Water Heaters recover faster than their electric counterparts. If you have heavy use of hot water, your supply will be replenished faster. Gas tankless heaters are more efficient than electric heaters when it comes to heating water on demand because they deliver more gallons per minute of hot water. To supply an entire household’s hot water, a gas tankless heater is the better option.

What are the features to look for?

Energy Efficiency

Even a Gas Water Heater can heavy energy consumer in your home. You would want to select the most energy efficient heater possible to reduce your costs. However, keep in mind that if you have a heavier use then you would need to go for heater that consumes more energy.


This is the most popular option amongst buyers. A heater works by storing water and heating it. The higher the capacity the more water it could hold resulting in heating more amount water in one go. A higher capacity will cost more but in the long run it saves more energy as the water need not be reheated again and again.


An important factor to consider is the available space you have. If you area does cannot accommodate the heater of your choice then you would need to reconsider.


Convenience, cost and recovery speed are some benefits of Gas Water Heaters. In addition to being cheaper than electricity, the gas supply is more reliable. Power outages are no longer a concern. When a tank runes out of hot water the gas heater heats up a fresh tank much faster.

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