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Feature wise top High chair

High Chair Buying Guide

High Chairs has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, as it gives parents the option of hassle-free baby feeding. They are built with a proper footrest, a padding seat, a feeding tray, security harness features, and long legs that make Chairs sturdy and comfortable. These are typically used when an infant starts taking a solid meal. High chairs are easy to maintain and are equipped with multiple other features which make parents lives easy. It gives the illusion of a dining table to the babies encouraging them to eat without help. This way they learn table etiquettes and self-dependency efficiently.

Types of High Chairs

High Chairs have three major categories. Depending on your need, you can choose the one that suits your baby’s requirements.

Traditional High Chairs

Traditional High Chairs includes a variety of basic to upscale models and are designed majorly for in-house use. Also, they are affordable. Traditional High Chairs are available with a good height adjustment feature.

Multipurpose/Modular High Chairs

These High Chairs are in trend world-wide. The Multipurpose or Modular High Chair has a range of functional features where the seat of the chair can easily lift out and attach as a Booster Seat with a dining table. The tray attached to the chair is also detachable allowing the seat base to be used at the dining table conveniently. This category of High Chairs are known for their portability and comfort. The multipurpose or modular High Chair also has many other features such as recline mechanism, height adjustment feature, easy fold mechanism, and 5 – point safety harness.

Grow with Me High Chairs

These High Chairs are generally made of with wood. Most of these chairs are convertible and can turn from a toddler High Chair to a regular Chair. Therefore, these chairs are also known as convertible High Chairs. 'Grow with Me High Chairs' can be used in multiple ways like a high chair, a feeding chair, a booster seat, or a study table and Chair. The compatible features, as well as its wooden material, make this chair a perfect buy for your baby.

Benefits of High Chairs

High Chairs offers a variety of features as per their different models all focusing on the safety of your little one. Mentioned below are some of the benefits of using a high chair.

Discourage Distraction

The ergonomic layout of the High Chair allows the toddler to sit comfortably. Knowing the fact that feeding a baby is one of the toughest tasks of parenthood, the High Chair plays a crucial role in this task. Due to its design that resembles a dining table, it allows the toddler to learn table manners, posture and helps avoid unnecessary distraction while eating meals.

Ensures Safety

Safety is the foremost feature of any baby gear product. Nowadays, the High Chairs are available considering all the prerequisite safety measures such as the risk of slipping, sliding, falling or climbing out of the chair. The High Chairs with 3- or 5 – point harness safety, allows you to secure your child during eating, thus avoiding any accidents. The harness holds the crotch post seat base, shielding a child from slipping or sliding off the chair.

Helps in Developing Eating Etiquettes

High Chairs come with the added benefit of teaching a child eating etiquettes. As children often imitate their parents, sitting on a high chair will make them imitate the eating habits as well as table manners.

Easy to Clean

It is always a mess when it comes to feeding a baby. Usually, mealtimes are accompanied by spilling or playing with the food. High Chairs are constructed in a way that the baby has limited space to play with food, creating less mess. The quality of the fabric, buckles, straps, and the tray doesn’t allow food bits to get stuck on it. This results in easy cleaning.

Adjustable and Convertible

Most of the High Chairs are Adjustable and convertible. The height of the High Chairs is adjustable at different levels. Be it a taller kid or just an infant, you can use a high chair for all.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right High Chair

Buying a High Chair is a momentous decision for the parents. While choosing a High Chair, the following factors should be considered.


Many kinds of high chairs are available to meet the needs of all kinds of parents. They can be a traditional high chair, space saver High chair, convertible high chair, portable high chair and travel high chair.

Ease to Clean

High Chairs that are easy to clean will be a good choice to go for. Always assess the quality of seat covers, food tray quality, and straps that assures safety along with easy cleaning features.


A High Chair which is versatile in nature is a huge relief. These chairs can be used inside the houses as well as outdoors and can be used as a seating unit or as a booster seat.


Always check for a High Chair that offers you a wide seat base with a crotch guard. A high chair with a padded seat results in comfortable seating for a long time whereas the ones with a footrest ensure safe support while eating.


A High Chair must have strong legs that can hold a wide seat base efficiently. A stable High Chair should hold a minimum of 50 Pounds weight. Therefore, before investing a High Chair, read the description carefully. 


Wheels make high chair accessible and easy to move. Check before investing, if it has a locking system to avoid accidents. 

Safety Harness

High Chairs with a minimum of 5- point safety harness is a preferable choice. A high chair should be ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) and JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association)  approved.


Parenthood is a very difficult task and ensuring that your kid is getting enough nutrition while eating is another. High Chairs are a valuable as well as a useful asset as this allows the child to become independent while eating allowing you some breathing space. Since high chairs come with safety harnesses, you can leave your child to play with their food, while you take care of other things. Therefore, investing in a High Chair is a good option for parents. However, one thing that we suggest before you invest in a High Chair, is to take a quick look at our featured section above, to know about the most recommended high chairs for your baby.

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