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ALPHA TECH Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Camera with Remote View

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About ALPHA TECH Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Camera with Remote View
84% were satisfied with the remote access and control
The camera can be plugged into any outlet in the house and will show up on the app after a little in-depth setup.
77% highlighted its field of view, however 23% weren't satisfied
I found the camera not useful for my purpose as it has a very narrow field of view, despite liking the quality, motion sensor and easy set up.
The field of view is constricting and the camera will only see the lower half of someone if it is 10ft from a floor outlet.
87% appreciated its storage capacity
I appreciate the camera's storage capacity and the covers for the MicroSD slot make it hard to know there's a card slot on the 'charger'.
76% liked the wireless connectivity, while 24% raised concerns
I learned how to install the app and connect to WiFi by watching the video link the seller sent me. Following the steps was pretty simple and now the camera is live.
This camera was the least intuitive to connect and configure among the 5 different wifi camera systems tested.
96% were impressed by the image quality

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