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Lokby High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head 6-Setting - 5-inch Handheld Rain Shower head

high pressure Handheld shower head,hose powerful shower spray,5 different spray patterns,even spray,Durable ABS material,high quality materials
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About Lokby High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head 6-Setting - 5-inch Handheld Rain Shower head
96% appreciated the water pressure, but 4% weren't satisfied
I noticed that the shower head has a doohickey for adjusting water pressure. It was mentioned that excessive water pressure can cause damage, but the shower head has a mechanism to prevent that.
If you set up the handheld showerhead for low water pressure and hook it up to normal water pressure, it will take your hide off.
I suggest removing the yellow insert that moderates for lower pressure.
I want high pressure for specific purposes like getting to hard to reach places, washing dogs, and cleaning the shower. This model does a superior job.
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96% were satisfied with the spray direction, while 4% weren't
I had to tilt the shower head and extend the pipe to lower the spray wand as it was hitting the shower stall ceiling.
I have to lift the shower head up to make it spray at me instead of directly down.
96% enjoyed the easy-to-hold design, while 4% faced difficulties
The showerhead is bigger and heavier compared to my previous one.
The handheld showerhead has a good weight, not too heavy or light.
I wanted a hand held shower head to make it easier to rinse my son off in the tub and to wash the dogs.
The handheld showerhead is easy to use with a nice range of water spray settings.
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97% found the installation process easy
The installation process is very easy and anybody can do it. It takes longer to read instructions.
The installation process was simple and it took me only 7-8 minutes to complete the installation.
The installation process was super easy and did not require any tools or plumbers tape.
I installed the handheld showerhead in just 2 minutes.
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91% were impressed by the leak-proof performance, while 9% disagreed
I hand tightened all the connections and there was no leakage at all.
I installed the showerhead myself and it did not leak, proving that it does not cause any leakage while working.
The showerhead leaked from where the hose connected to the holder.
I faced a water leak while tightening the attachment.

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