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BVR Rating 69 reviews
$4 OFF
Reasons to buy
  • Contains 3 different color towels that are suitable to replace the used towels with others
  • Made of soft, absorbent and durable material that removes dirt, mud, sand and grass easily
  • Equipped with a clip that allows to attach the towel to the golf bag or clip to the belt loop
  • May vary in size
BVR Rating 117 reviews
$3 OFF
All Buying Options
Reasons to buy
  • Built-in powerful magnet that offers ultimate convenience
  • Features all-weather silicon patch that defends against water and moisture
  • Equipped with deep waffle pockets that helps to clean grooves faster and more thoroughly while trapping dirt and debris
  • Rubber may not be strong enough
BVR Rating 36 reviews
$1 OFF
Reasons to buy
  • Durable and hard aluminum carabiner clip can attach the towel to the bag and prevents losing the towel
  • Made of water-absorbent material that absorbs less water making it easy to wash and carry
  • Waffle design tri-fold golf towel helps to remove dirt, mud, sand and grass
  • The towel may be too long in length
BVR Rating 328 reviews
$6 OFF
Reasons to buy
  • The towel can be folded into a small and portable pouch that makes it easy to carry
  • The cooling towel quickly cools down by just soaking and wringing the water out
  • Perfect for hot flashes, fever, headache therapy, heatstroke prevention and more
  • May not come with instruction manual
BVR Rating 51 reviews
All Buying Options
Reasons to buy
  • Comes in a slim size that makes it easy to carry in the backpack
  • Features absorbent microfiber construction that helps to absorb maximum body sweat
  • Equipped with carabineer attachment that allows for easy access
  • The loops may not be sturdy enough
BVR Rating 80 reviews
$11 OFF

Buying Guide for Golf Towels

A towel is a staple in any golfer's bag, as it is used to wipe the sweat after around. golf towels are absorbent towels or cloths used by the player in the golf course to wipe off any dirt or oil stuck on his hands in the middle of the game and in order to prevent any unwanted dirt or oil to enter the bag and a good golf towel should be made of high quality and durable materials, which are washable, durable and also lightweight so that the player can easily carry it around. The golf towel should also be of a decent size so that the player can easily wipe off his hands or any other part of his body and also fold it back so that the towel is not so much in the way and also dry immediately to maintain the cleanliness and comfort of the player. It is a towel that wraps around the golf club shaft during play. It is used to clean the club, wipe the mud off of it, or even as a carrying case.

Benefits of Golf Towels

Cleans Better

The major purpose of using a towel on the golf course is to wipe your clubs and maintain the cleanliness of your golf balls. No one enjoys shooting a shot that curls unusually because of the dreaded "mud ball." Microfiber golf towels attract dirt like a magnet. They capture and hold the particles, allowing them to remove from your golf clubs' surfaces. Simply put, a more effective mousetrap (in this case, dirt trap).

Absorbs More Water

A golf towel made of microfiber can absorb 7 times its weight in water! It not only absorbs more water than a cotton towel, but it dries faster as well. During a rain shower, a sweaty/humid afternoon, or while dealing with morning dew, this can be extremely beneficial to a golfer. In any weather, keep your clubs and grips dry.


If there's one thing we've learned in the last 15 months, it's that we should do everything we can to prevent microbes from spreading. Mold, mildew, germs, and viruses can thrive in a wet cotton golf towel.


This is a problem that all golfers have encountered. Your new cotton golf towel looks and performs admirably for a few rounds, but after a few washes, it begins to unravel and come apart. On the course, no one wants to deal with this, and it can make your entire golf bag look sloppy. A microfiber golf towel can endure up to 500 washes before needing to replace.

Factors consider before buying Golf Towels


The most frequent materials used in golf towels are microfiber, cotton, and linen. Microfiber golf towels can absorb up to five times their weight in water and moisture in extreme cases. Although cotton golf towels can help with drying time, the biggest issue is that they take a long time to dry. Golf towels made of linen are incredibly absorbent and dry rapidly. As a result, they won't accumulate the large levels of bacteria associated with cotton towels. It is available for purchase based on your preferences.


Golf towels are the most cost-effective in this price range. Towels at this price bracket are widely advertised, but they are usually smaller than towels at higher costs. These towels are available in a variety of sizes and often include mesh carrying bags and drying loops or hooks.

Speed of drying

Another thing to think about is how fast your golf towel dries. Microfiber or a comparable quick-drying material makes the best golf towels. They can hang to dry rapidly, in most cases in about 30 minutes. When playing golf, you don't have to worry about germs growing on a damp towel in your backpack, which is a huge plus.

Bag to Transport

It's crucial to think about if your golf towel comes with a handy carrying bag. A vented mesh carrying case is usually included with the best ones. This prevents bacteria from forming on your towel by keeping it dry. The mesh bag is compact and light, and it will fit inside your bag without difficulty.


A golf towel is a small piece of fabric used by golfers to dry the golf club grip and clean the face of the golf ball. It can also be used to wipe sweat from the face and keep golfers cool while they're playing. Golf towels are very useful to help wipe away the sweat from our face or hands. They can also be used to clean up the dirt and other things on our shoes. If you are a golfer, you need a towel to wipe your face and hands. A golf towel is the best choice for you. Visit our featured section to learn more about your purchasing options. We evaluate and propose the best goods based on their quality, size, and price.

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