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Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor

Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Food Processor, Food Processor 's low and High speeds, bowl Scraper attachment, 10 Cup capacity, less Prep time
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About Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor
86% appreciated its versatility
I have found that the device handles everything I ask of it, from making nut butters to chopping onions.
81% praised its low noise level, while 19% found it too loud
The food processor is motorized and grinds food, so there is some noise, but it is not annoying.
The food processor is really noisy and scares my dogs.
The food processor is too loud and uncomfortable to use due to its high pitch engine-like sound in the kitchen.
The food processor is very loud and shrill, even when covered with a towel it hurts my ear.
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84% liked its powerful motor, while 16% found it underpowered
On the third time of using it, the motor stopped working, which was a negative experience.
On the first use, the motor burned up and started smoking.
The motor smoked on the third batch and couldn't handle even one 15oz can of drained beans and 1/2c peanut butter. It's of poor quality.
I noticed the motor started smoking while trying to chop up frozen banana slices, indicating a problem with the food-processor's motor. Rephrased: The food-processor's motor had a problem as it started smoking while chopping frozen banana slices.
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88% liked how easy it is to use
I use the food processor for pesto, sauces, and pureeing. It cleans up with a simple rinse.
It is very easy to use with clear instructions and pictures on how to assemble it after cleaning.
I find the food processor easy to use and use it more than any other processor I've had before because I don't dread taking it apart, putting it together, or cleaning it.
It was easy for me to use and assemble without even reading the instructions.
85% highlighted its easy cleaning, whereas 15% found it difficult to clean
I find it very easy to clean the food processor with just a rinse at the sink. I clean it right away so that it is ready to use for the next time.
I have noticed that there is a spot in the food processor that is hard to clean and always gets stuck. I use a mascara brush to get the food out of that area and then clean the stainless steel blade and the little hole around it. Without the mascara brush, it would be difficult and irritating to clean.
77% liked the high-quality blades, but 23% found them dull
The blade is super sharp and processes food evenly.
The blade is very sharp, so I need to be careful while using it.
The blade quality is decent and it sliced through my finger and nail with little effort while hand washing. However, it's only a positive feature if the machine works properly.

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