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BunMo Pop Tubes Sensory Toys

Fidget Toys, Fine Motor Skills Toddler Toys, These Pop Tubes, Bonmo Pop Tubes Sensory Toys

Created with Raphaël
BVR Rating 1,600 reviews
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Reason to Buy

  • Fun and functional sensory toys that pop, stretch, and connect
  • The pop tubes are made for all busy little fingers but are also exciting toys for special needs children
  • Helps provide tactile stimulation, fine motor skills and auditory feedback

Minor Drawbacks

  • The size may vary

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  • What users have to say about BunMo Pop Tubes Sensory Toys

    These are still around, and I bought two other packs so that they could build on. What makes these two happy, makes my mom happy, so they have definitely said to me, and by what I see, they are the most stars mommy.

    The product is easy to use and the back of the package tells you how to bend, shape and create the pipes, which is something that can be done with the pipes.

    After playing with the tubes my kids liked them so much they asked to play with them again and again.

    I bought these for my one year old's birthday and they were a big hit with him and his four year old brother.

    He is not very good at taking them apart when they are attached together, but we are working on that and he will be good at it within a few weeks.



    Does anyone know if these make the same noise as whirly tubes?


    I am not familiar with other whirly toys but they will make noise.


    Why not play with these if the answer is no?


    I got them for my 1 year old for his birthday and he likes to pack them around, but isn't coordinated enough to stretch them out or hook them together.


    What is the length of a single tube?


    When fully extended, the Pop Tube will be approximately 2 feet, 3 inches long.


    What is the size of the opening?


    I don't have them with me to measure, so that's about an inch.


    It says safe material, but I don't know what it's made of.


    I don't think plastic is an appropriate choice as a scientist.

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