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Fixodent Complete Original Denture Adhesive Cream

Full And Partial Plate Denture Wearers, A More Comfortable Denture Fit, Fixodent Complete Original Denture Adhesive Cream

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  • Helps to prevent gum soreness for a more comfortable denture fit
  • Powerful seal helps to prevent food from getting between dentures and gums
  • Great for full and partial plate denture wearers


  • May contain small amount of dried adhesive in the tube

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BestViewsReviews analyzed 10,918 reviews for 25 products in the Denture Adhesives category.


We analyzed a total of 156 reviews for this product out of which, 114 reviews were received in the last 6 months.


The analysis indicates that around 85% reviews were positive while around 12% of reviews had negative sentiment.

BestViewsReviews Ranking and Score for Fixodent Complete Original Denture Adhesive Cream


This product received a total score of 9.73 out of 10, based on review sentiments and user opinions related to 9 features:

  • Adhesion
  • Flavor and taste
  • Formulation and consistency
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Packaging
  • Portion size
  • Quality of material
  • Smell
  • Value for money
  • Users of this product said

    I had my teeth in with the other brand and hoped for the best, but I didn't want to cancel my date. The date was going great and right before dinner was done and we went back to her place, she told a joke.

    Fixodent has been my go-to for dentures for 50 years. I had a full set of upper and lower dentures when I was 24 years old.

    Fixodent dental adhesive is easy to apply and remove, and I like it because I don't like to put it on more than once daily.

    She doesn't like mint and so she gets this brand with no added flavor. We buy these in bulk and get a free tube.

    This helps two ways, one out of site out of mind, and the other from the package's perspective, by keeping the package out of the weather.

    Question & Answers


    Is it possible to use tooth gems?


    Fixodent is only recommended to be used with dentures and we do not recommend using it with tooth gems.


    What is the shape of the nozzle?


    This product has a round nozzle, but other variations have a flat one.


    Is it good to hold one tooth to the gum?


    It works well to hold in an entire upper or lower denture, but it is not an adhesive and won't hold in a single tooth. You should see your dentist for a problem of that nature, as it works well to hold in an entire upper or lower denture, but it is


    Is this product manufactured in the United States or other country?


    I'm aware that this product is sold in México.


    What is the color of it?


    Yes, you mean pink.

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