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Astro Pneumatic Tool 2185 Long Double Cut Carbide Burr Set, 5-Piece

5 Pieces, Long Double Cut Carbide Burr Set, 100 % Tungsten Carbide

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  • Comes with 20,000rpm cutting wheel that provides maximum cutting speed
  • Made with 100 tungsten carbide that makes it safe to use
  • Contains extra-long 4.5 in length for hard to reach use


  • May not be ideal for heavy materials

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  • Users of this product said

    I decided to use the whole set because I realized how convenient it was for doing certain tasks, such as cleaning up welds that are down in the crevices of a 90 degree corner of steel, and how sharp they were.

    I was surprised that it didn't have free shipping but the delivery time was 5 days out, so I could use it as soon as I got them.

    This is a car that has been restored to factory specifications, and it still looks like it was built in the factory.

    I used this bit to make a hole in a steel round washer that I wanted to center over the smaller one, and then traced the outline with a black magic marker.

    I have been using these burrs for a few months now and I have to say they are very good at what they do and they are very easy to work with.

    Question & Answers


    If they were used on pure tungsten, how long will they wear out?


    It should last a long time. Pure tungsten is softer than carbide. You can file tool steel at HRC 55 with a high carbon steel file.


    Where is it manufactured?


    The label says "made in China".


    Is it possible to use these for wood carving?


    I'm not sure if it'll leave as smooth as you'd like, but most people use these for metals, so they'll be more than strong enough to go through wood.


    Are they.250" or 6mm?


    It's great that a 1/4" shaft or.250" can work.


    Will they work with a corded electric drill? I don't have access to air, only 20v dewalt tools.


    Air power tools can run up to 20,000rpm, which is less chatter, smaller bites and smoother cuts.

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