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AdTech 10 inch Hot Sticks Full-Size Multi-Temp

Full Size Guns, Alternative Hot Melt Glue Sticks, 5 Lb Box All Purpose Glue Sticks, Multi Temp, High And Low Temperature Glue Guns, Adtech Hot Glue Bonds

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BVR Rating 598 reviews


  • The glue stick is compatible with various craft and sewing projects
  • Features a non-toxic and clear material that makes it safe to use
  • Ideal to use on wood, metal, glass, cardboard, paper, card stock, synthetic materials and more


  • The glue sticks offer average adhesion

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  • Quality of material
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  • Users of this product said

    I have used a number of the Got glue sticks, some of which I don't remember where I got them, but they are awesome.

    It is a must-have if you are a crafter, especially if you are making a lot of different things like cat scratcher, cat tree, boxes, any kind of storage, because it wont adhere to shiny surfaces so sand and dust the surface before using the glue.

    I was able to get this for the convenience of not having to drive to the store.

    This is a great value for the money and it has been a huge help in my craft projects since I no longer have to add another glue stick every few minutes.

    Purchase this item for every penny you save and you will be able to use it again the next day.

    Question & Answers


    How many 10 inch sticks are in a 5 pound box?


    In a 5-lb. box, 85 to 90 sticks can be found, with an average of 17 to 18 sticks per pound.


    Will this fit the size of Stanley's gr 25?


    The best way to find out what glue sticks you need is to use a number 2 pencil, and insert in the gun, if this fits, then you can use these glue sticks.


    I have a tech 820-1 gun that calls for 1/2x10 and I'm not sure if it will work.


    It's designed to work with glue guns.


    Is this discontinued or made with another formula?


    Not sure but this last batches stick to plastic and glass.


    Would this glue work well on vinyl piping?


    I have covered a Rubbermaid tote I have with material and have not had any issues with it coming off, however, I didn't want to use the color or pattern of the basket so I decided to use it for upholstery.

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