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Reasons to buy
  • Closed-cell EVA foam makes layering is easy for those thicker designs and detail work
  • 2mm is great for small to medium-sized accessories adding smaller detail work
  • High-density EVA foam is formulated to offer durability and shape retention
  • May have a strong chemical like odor
BVR Rating 162 reviews
Reasons to buy
  • Ideal for tumblers, cups, lowball and bottle with mouth open
  • Made of high density foam that makes it steadier than foam strip and foam football
  • The porous design of the foam keeps the sponge elastic making it easier to fit into the cup
  • The measurements may not be accurate
BVR Rating 76 reviews
$3 OFF
Reasons to buy
  • The foam comes in 20 beautiful colors that meets varied preferences
  • Features 2mm thickness that makes it ideal for easy cutting, shaping and gluing
  • Comes with no adhesive backing that makes it easy to add glue to areas where you want it
  • The foam may release an unpleasant odor
BVR Rating 54 reviews
Reasons to buy
  • 7.5 inches white craft foam balls are ideal for crafting custom flower arrangement
  • Comes with a smooth surface that allows to customize them using flowers, paint, rope, twine, ribbon, glitter and glue
  • Diameter of 7.5 inches can be sanded and cut down to the preferred size and shape
  • May not be perfectly sphere
BVR Rating 52 reviews
Reasons to buy
  • Comes with 108 different items that makes it suitable for gifting puposes
  • The foam balls can be squeezed, poked, squished or oozed that offers ultimate fun
  • DIY slime kit is mess-free and super easy to clean up after use
  • May be too small in size
BVR Rating 108 reviews
$2 OFF
Reasons to buy
  • Made of high-quality EVA foam that makes it durable
  • Comes in a variety of 12 colors that allows for wider application
  • The craft foam is easy to cut in any shape for crafting various DIY projects
  • The foam may have creases
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Buying Guide for Craft Foam

Craft foam is a type of foam that has been used for decades by hobbyists, makers, and crafters to create projects. It is made from EVA or polystyrene, commonly known as styrofoam, that is melted down to create a solid, malleable material that can be molded into all kinds of shapes. It is used in countless projects, including jewelry, decorations, crafts, household items, and even cars. Read through our guide below to know more about craft foam.

Benefits of Craft Foam

Craft Foam is Durable and Resistant to UV Rays

A craft foam is made of polystyrene or EVA, a durable plastic material that can be used in place of rubber or vinyl. These materials are very useful since they are durable at low temperatures and are resistant to UV rays.


A bulk purchase of craft foams is usually inexpensive. Their water resistance and durability in a wide range of temperatures make them perfect for costumes and theater sets. These features of craft foams are highly appreciated by the artists and this makes them very cost-effective.

Moisture Resistance Makes it Ideal for Spray Painting

Craft foam sheets are mostly moisture resistant and they hold to stickiness well. Good craft foam sheets have this feature, which makes spray painting easy without showing cracks in the paint.


Craft foams are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. This makes them ideal to use for almost any artwork. They are thus, versatile and used for making several crafty things.

Factors to Consider before Buying Craft Foam


There are different types of craft foam that you can buy. For example, some are very rigid, while others are malleable. Some are UV stabilizers, while others are not. Make sure to know which type of art foam is more suitable for the kind of artwork you are doing.


The density of craft foam is important as it will decide its usage. Foams come in low and high densities. Low-density foam is easy to cut, glue, and is used to craft projects like paper crafts, clay crafts, doll making, etc. High-density foam is difficult to cut, is brittle, and is used for making various types of applications like furniture, sculptures, etc.


Craft foams are available in a variety of colors. If you are planning to make something with a specific color, then we recommend you to look for the same color. If you are creating something unique and are unable to find appropriate colors, then you may go for white craft foam as it can be easily spray painted to your desired color.


The quality of foam differs from one brand to another. Do not lower your budget to compromise on the quality of foam. Make sure to research the brands well and buy the craft foam that has highest ratings and customer review. This will ensure buying the right quality product.


Craft foam is a versatile and easy to use material, and it's perfect for many types of craft projects. It is lightweight and can be used as a base for painting, applying decals and for other types of decorations. It is inexpensive and it's easy to find. Make sure to consider the factors given above in our guide to buy the right craft foam. You can take a look at our most reviewed and recommended selection of craft foam in the featured section above for clarity. We recommend them based on their design, color range, adhesion, and value for money.

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