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Puriya Chest Rub Cream for Congestion Relief, Breathe Ease Balm

Puriya Chest Rub Cream, Congestion Relief, Cough

Created with Raphaël
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Reason to Buy

  • Contains high-quality and plant-based ingredients that helps to reduce respiratory infections and allergies
  • Blended with herbal and natural-oils that helps in soothing chest and nasal congestion
  • Comes in a convenient size that makes it easy to store

Minor Drawbacks

  • Has a strong smell

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About Puriya Chest Rub Cream for Congestion Relief, Breathe Ease Balm

Puriyas Breathe Ease Balm is a formula that has taken years to fine-tune. You can feel confident that only the highest quality ingredients are used. Puriya Breathe Ease Balm is plant-based and safe for kids and adults. Proudly Made in the USA from domestically and globally sourced ingredients and components.

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This product received a total score of 8.92 out of 10, based on review sentiments and user opinions related to 5 features:

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  • Effectiveness
  • Value for money
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Scent
  • What users have to say about Puriya Chest Rub Cream for Congestion Relief, Breathe Ease Balm

    I think it will last you longer than other rubs because it is more of a solid than a cream like Vicks, and I love the smell of it.

    I like the way that I use the product, and it seems to help my chest congestion as well, but that might be a placebo effect.

    I use a small amount under my nose to keep my passageways open when I breathe in and out during the night, and when I'm sick, I use it on my chest.

    I put a little lavender under my nose at night to help me sleep, my son uses it before his wrestling matches to help him breathe easier, he suffers from asthma.

    I use it daily to relieve congestion and calm any headaches that may come on, and I recommend that everyone keep it on hand as it lasts a long time. I would recommend that everyone keep this on hand as it can be applied as often as necessary and one bottle lasts a very



    What age range would you recommend it for? Is it good for toddlers?


    It's not recommended for children under 6 years old. My son's airway was closed up when he was a toddler, and I won't be trying this on him until he's at least six.


    I bought your product on June 12 2016 but it did not have an expiration date. How long will it last?


    The product is good until year 2019. If you store it per the instruction, it will be good.


    Does this stain clothes like vicks?


    I could wear it under my work clothes and get relief all day long, because it absorbs and is not greasy.


    Is this cruelty free?


    It's made in the USA and contains olive oil, beeswas, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil,Peppermint oil and tea tree oil.


    Does the product have a strong smell that may be noticeable to other people, if one uses it on the chest or under the nose in the morning?


    The smell was only noticeable to me for a few minutes, and was not too strong compared to the menthol based products I'm used.

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