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Feature wise top Cordless telephones

Cordless telephones : Phone ease of use

Phone ease of use

Panasonic Amplified Cordless Phone KX-TGE210B DECT 6.0 with Enhanced Noise Reduction - 1 Handset (Black/Silver)

Cordless Telephones Buying Guide

A perfect blend of a phone and radio transmitter/collector, Cordless Telephones are a common feature of every household. Cordless Telephones consists of two parts, the base and a handset. Both work on specific pairs of frequencies that permits you to talk and tune in simultaneously. They function on three different frequency bands i.e.  43 to 50 MHz, 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz. Whether it is your home or your office, they provide better arrangements.

Types of Cordless Telephones

There are two distinct categories of cordless telephones, some have an in-built answering machine and the others don’t. But both models use the DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) technology.

Cordless Phones with Answerers

The models are comparatively big and costly. They offer options to record messages, listen to callers and conveniently screen calls.

Cordless Phones Without Answerers

These models have a base independent of the power cord. With large-sized buttons, they provide users with a lot of options. If you miss the ringer, the handset glows to aware you for the incoming calls.

Benefits of Cordless Telephones

Less Installation Costs

Cordless telephones are a perfect answer for circumstances where ethernet cabling is excessively costly or inaccessible. The cordless phones just need a single power outlet. You no longer have to worry about the space or installation.

Better Sound Quality

Cordless telephones keep calls professional and noise-free. The enhanced sound quality provides a better experience with your customers. Mobile signals have lately improved on a large scale. But landlines despite everything win over them as far as sound quality is concerned. Cordless telephones have highlights that can make your wireless experience surprisingly better.


Businesses are running towards the adaptability offered by cordless telephones. They include features like hold, caller ID, three-way conferencing and intercom. 


People frequently change their mobile or cell numbers due to many reasons. Unlike cell phones, a home number usually remain consistent. This fact makes it easy for people to reach out to you over a longer period of time.

Affordable International Calls

In the case of international calls, Cordless Telephones will assist you with sparing the extra costs. Practically all companies provide global calling plans, which are typically less expensive. You can get a good deal on international calls while enjoying better sound quality.

Features to Look for while Choosing your Cordless Telephone

LCD Screens

LCD screen on the base or the headset to show your Caller ID, telephone catalogue, battery life, and other data.

Headset Jacks

A headset jack that comes with a belt clip permits you to multitask. While talking you can move about the room or glance through desk work easily.

Two-line Support

The option permits you to attend calls for two different numbers on a single telephone. Few models also have a set of ringers to differentiate calls for different numbers allowing you to communicate with more than one person at a time.

Auto talk

Auto talk feature helps to connect the call just as you pick the handset. It comes handy on a hectic day at work.

Multiple Handsets

Cordless Telephones provide an additional intercom mode and connectivity between multiple handsets. With this feature, you can answer any call from anywhere, be it your office or any room.


They are adaptable and can fit flawlessly in any setup. Going cordless will definitely be a good idea. The next time you look for Cordless Telephones, make sure that you see DECT and GAP written in the manual. Take a look at the featured section above for more options on Cordless Telephones.

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