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U Brands Binder Clips

Long Time Operation, 100 Micro Sized Binder Clips, Silver Steel Arms, U Brands Binder Clips

Created with Raphaël
BVR Rating 203 reviews
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Reason to Buy

  • The binder clips are durable and reusable providing long time operation
  • Classic black metal with silver steel arms provide enhanced rigidity
  • Flexible clips can be easily squeezed open and released for a firm grip

Minor Drawbacks

  • May arrive smashed due to ordinary packaging

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What users have to say about U Brands Binder Clips

I can't find the ACCO brand in my area, so I'm choosing the U Brands version which is a little smaller in length, easier to open, and cheaper than the other one, and I get more of them.

The micro size binder clips are a great replacement for paper clips because they don't rip the paper and don't catch other pages in the file.

These were originally purchased to repair the front bumper of my car, but they are useful for so many other things, no issues with quality.

If you want to be successful in your school, you need to have this item in bulk. Organization is one of the reasons for less stress and more improved student handouts and collection of work.

I love them, they work perfect for what I need and they are mounted on the wall with hooks.



How many of each do the product say 80 count?


All 1 size.


What is the percentage of medium and small binder clips?


The biggest size is probably less than 10%.


Where are these manufactured?


They are made in China.


What is the difference between a micro clip and a limited edition clip?


I can't believe there are limited editions for binder clips, they're for rare things like comic books, clothing, and funko pops.


Does anyone know how many of each size are in the package?


There are 100 micro binder clips in a container, which is why I don't know anything about other binder clips of different sizes.

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