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ACCO Paper Clips

Working To Securely Hold Your Documents Together. Smooth, These Paper Clips May Not Be Made Of Real Gold, But They Are As Good As Gold, Gold Finish Delivers Long-Lasting Shine., 20 Sh, Gold Tone Paper Clips

Created with Raphaël
BVR Rating 318 reviews
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Reason to Buy

  • The steel clips securely holds up to 20 sheets of paper at a time
  • Comes with 50 clips in a box that makes it cost-effective
  • Features smooth gold finish that offers an elegant look

Minor Drawbacks

  • May tarnish with time

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What users have to say about ACCO Paper Clips

I love these paper clips, they are cute, and I get positive comments from people when I use them to attach documents, and the recipients ask where they could get them. I always get positive comments from people when I use them to attach documents and send them out, and the recipients asking

Amazon.com is the best place to purchase this item at such a good price, if you want to get them in stock, because they charge a premium, but only if they have them in stock.

I find them to be just as easy to use as they are on two pages, and I like the smooth finish over the ribbed paper because it makes it easier to use.

These are very nice quality and there is no comparison with regular paper clips.

The clips were beautiful, shiny and smooth gold when I bought them, but they are now tarnishing badly, and I have decided to keep them on my desk.



How long do these paper clips last?


I ordered these and got item #72532 which is 2 and 7/8ths inch long but the website says this particular one you inquired with is just shy of 2 inches in lenght.


Is it possible that these tarnish over time?


I noticed it after we had some very cold weather, but just a few of them became discolored, not the lot.


Where are these manufactured?


I can testify that the Acco clips are made in the U.S.A and that the Jumbo "Gold" clips are my sole "Go To" as they are heavy duty and last over time.


I am looking for a length that is not too wide compared to a atandard size paperclip. Can anyone tell me how wide they are?


The standard paper clip has 1-3/4 the same as it does.


What lengths of acco gold paper clips are they?


I was not sure if I was looking for this size as opposed to the smaller ones for jewelry making.

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