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Maximum Allowance Airline Approved Delta United Southwest Carryon Suitcase

smooth rolling and nicely elevated wheels,our light luggage,a 3 Digit combination padlock,easy and simple transporting
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About Maximum Allowance Airline Approved Delta United Southwest Carryon Suitcase
83% appreciated the lightweight design
The carry-on is lightweight and easy to put in the overhead.
The bag I have is very lightweight, rolls easily, and holds a lot of stuff for a carry-on.
I was asked about the suitcase because it looked compact and sturdy.
I recommend this suitcase as an excellent lightweight carry-on option.
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89% were impressed with the shell quality, but 11% weren't
The suitcase is made of durable material and the wheels are also durable.
The shell has a large space for clothes, shoes and much more and is very durable.
My carry-on's shell cracked all the way through on the first trip.
The suitcase is made of plastic and when dropped by the bus driver, the corner cut open slightly. It appears that the shell quality is not durable enough to handle wear and tear.
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85% highlighted the well-designed compartments
The carry-on has multiple pockets and dividers to keep my stuff in place while travelling.
I like the way compartments are divided inside the bag, better than most.
82% found the carry-on easy to move, while 18% faced difficulties
I had no problem moving it around on different terrains.
I love that I can pull my carry-on sideways without kicking it.
The wheels are highly maneuverable, making transitions in the airport easy.
The carry-on is easy to carry with ample space and is lightweight.
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89% praised the carry-on's wheel quality, but 11% disagreed
The wheels and construction are great.
The spinnerwheels glide great in airports over all different even bumpy surfaces and moving walkways.
I have had no problem maneuvering the durable wheels on different terrains.
Sometimes the wheel would get stuck in one direction.
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