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Overall BVR Rating Based on 100+ reviews


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  • Durable
  • Glossy finish
  • Easy application


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Feature wise top Car wax

Car wax : Gloss improvement

Gloss improvement

Turtle Wax T-123R Super Hard Shell Liquid Car Wax - 16 oz.
Car wax : Ease of removal

Ease of removal

Turtle Wax T-123R Super Hard Shell Liquid Car Wax - 16 oz.
Car wax : Ease of application

Ease of application

MEGUIAR'S G18211 11 Ounce Ultimate Paste Wax

Car Wax Buying Guide

Cars demand significant investments and its proper maintenance is one way to ensure that your car lasts longer. Using a car wax is one way to maintain the shine of the car and protect it as well. Even if you wash your vehicle regularly, you still need to apply a layer of wax. Car wax is an important component in preventing oxidation and discoloration of the car and hence investing in a good car wax is important

Benefits of Buying a Car Wax

Prevents Sun Damage

Car wax helps in preventing your car from sun damages and scratches. The layer of car wax is made up of chemicals that polish the clear coat of the car bringing out the shine and color.

Clean Car Exterior

Car wax gives a dustproof surface to your car. Wherever you drive, your car will trap less dirt. As the texture of the wax is slippery, so it is effortless to remove the dirt stuck on your car easily.

Prevents Fading and Discoloration

The protective coating of the car wax prevents fading of the color of your car over time as the chemicals in the car wax can hold the car paint longer in place.

Acts as a Protective Shield

Applying car wax can act as fencing between the paint of your car and the chemicals that is used to clean your vehicle.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Car Wax


The main types of commonly used car wax are natural car wax which is made from the carnauba trees, and synthetic car wax made from various chemicals. These are usually available in the form of paste, liquid or spray. While the spay and liquid form are easy to apply, the paste can be the hardest to spread over the car.


Buying an expensive car wax is not mandatory; but, the expensive ones contain a higher content of carnauba wax which can shield your car better against damages as compared to inferior-quality car wax.

High Quality

High-quality car wax can prevent superficial damage because it creates a  slippery coating on the vehicle’s surface. Waxing makes it difficult for most debris and dust to settle on your car.


Low-quality wax can be abrasive and can leave fine scratches on your car once you start applying it regularly.  Dark-colored cars show scratches sooner than a light-coloured car. 

Application Frequency

Cars that are used regularly require frequent waxing than a show vehicle. Wax last about six weeks, on average, and although some synthetic waxes can last up to a year, a healthy habit is to wax your car every two months.

Product Features

Understanding the features of your car wax is very important. Car wax is made of chemicals and other strong components. Many times, based on the formation of the car wax, it can be used only on a particular type of paint, or car body or else it can damage the car paint.


There are hundreds of car wax in the market. To have a clear insight into which car wax are the best, we have listed down some of the most recommended and reviewed products for you that will not only bring out the best shine but will also protect your car in the best way possible.

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