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Iwatani Butane Canister 8 Oz (4)

8 Ounce Butane Canister, Rim Vent Release System, Butane Has A Very Long Shelf Life, For Use In Iwatani Butane Stoves And Torch

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  • Come in a pack of 4 making it a cost effective option
  • Equipped with rim vent release system making it safe to use
  • Made with high-quality butane that offers a long shelf life


  • May not fit well

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  • Users of this product said

    It seems to help, you only have to block calls that come in with ID, and you can manually add if you want.

    The canister along with the top piece makes a great torch for heating things up in a tight space.

    I have used this brand for 30 years, packaged under the label BU-5 But Fuelane for Cassette-Feu, and I am still using it.

    It's easy to use, fast and discreet shipping, and worth the money again.

    I have a torch and a portable stove that run on Iwatani, and they are both easy to use, and the canisters last quite a while.

    Question & Answers


    Is it a smaller one?


    The canisters are 8 inches tall, which is why we donated them to a school that does not allow them.


    Does this work with other brands?


    Yes. These are the same as the 8oz coleman canister with the notch, they work in any brand of appliane that uses the creme brule tanks.


    I'm interested in the cans since they say they wont explode. Can they be used in the Coleman stove?


    There isn't a threaded top if that is needed.


    Is this size about 68mm?


    I used the Coleman canisters for the Iwatani grill, and they are available at Walmart.


    Are they explosion proof?


    If left in a hot car, the gas will vent but not catch fire, if you open all the windows to vent.

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