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Donut Hair Bun Maker 7 Pieces

New Perfect Bun Hair Bun Donut Hairstyle, 7Pcs Dark Brown Donut Bun Makers, Hair Styling Accessories Kit, Many Occasions, 20 Pieces Hair Pins, , 5 Pieces Hair Elastic Bands

Created with Raphaël
BVR Rating 741 reviews
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Reason to Buy

  • Made with lightweight material that makes it comfortable to wear
  • Features bun shapers that help to create beautiful hairstyles easily
  • Comes with additional bobby pins that allows the hair to stay in place

Minor Drawbacks

  • Unexceptional hairband material quality

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About Donut Hair Bun Maker 7 Pieces

7 Hair Donuts Ring Style Bun Maker, so you can style your hair in more ways than ever. Package includes 2 x 2-inch small hair donut bun maker, 2x 2.75-inches medium hair dolls bun makers, and 3x3-inch large hair ring style buns with black elastane hair tie tying pins for a fuller bun - perfect for weddings, dance recitals, or proms. Size: extra-large 10-11cm, Large how to use it 1) Pull hair back into a high ponytail and secure with elastic at the crown. 2) Place the hair donut at the very end of the ponytail and pull strands through the hole in the center. Start in the front, smooth your hair over the donut, tucking the ends underneath. Try to disperse hair evenly around the donut 3) Slowly roll the hair donut (along with your hair) down the ponytail until you reach the base. Flip the bottom side of the hair donut upward from the inside out with both hands. As you roll, tuck loose strands underneath the donut. When you reach the base, fill in gaps in the bun by spreading hair out 4) Tidy up loose ends and strands by pinning them around the base. To make the bun fuller, gently tug and tease strands from the center portion of the bun outward.

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  • What users have to say about Donut Hair Bun Maker 7 Pieces

    The product came quickly and was a good value for the money, but the products included vary in quality, so they are holding up.

    The donuts are pretty much the same as the one I bought a year ago, but the fabric on the lining broke off, but that's nothing compared to the quality of the Conair brand I bought.

    I have been using these bun makers for the past two years, and they have been a lifesaver for me, especially since I was tired of not having the perfect bun, and I wanted to have a professional type bun.

    I wanted to have a professional bun for my sisterlocks, and these buns came in very handy, and are very easy to use, however, I have to modify them since they are shown in the product video.

    They help up more during gymnastics class and it's nice to have the bigger ones when there's a competition.



    Does it work on wigs?


    There is no reason that the wig wouldn't work if you put it in a pony tail.


    The price for hair bun maker in India.


    The price is in dollars, there's no indian price.


    I would like to know if you can send me this.


    Can you pay for it?


    Is it possible to use this in a vegetable garden?


    I am not sure what you are using it for, but I think it could be used for anything you want.


    Are these better than the clip looking bun makers?


    I use them all the time and they are better for thick or thin hair.

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