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XTU Wireless Doorbell Camera with Chime, 1080P HD, 32GB SD Card Pre-installed

32 Gb Sd Card Pre-Installed, Ip65 Waterproof, 30 Seconds Motion Detection, The Xtu Store, Wifi Video Doorbell Camera, Xtra Wide Angle, 2 Way Audio, 30 Seconds Battery Life, No Monthly Fees

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BVR Rating 1,826 reviews


  • Designed with high-quality material and IP65 waterproof covering that allows to use it in all weather conditions
  • The Wi-Fi camera provides two-way audio talk all the time
  • Built-in PIR sensor allows to receive alarm and push notifications in real-time


  • Hardwire installation may not be easy


Analysis of 1k+ reviews for XTU Wireless Doorbell Camera with Chime, 1080P HD, 32GB SD Card Pre-installed


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BestViewsReviews Ranking and Score for XTU Wireless Doorbell Camera with Chime, 1080P HD, 32GB SD Card Pre-installed


This product received a total score of 8.47 out of 10, based on review sentiments and user opinions related to 10 features:

  • Battery life
  • Connectivity
  • Customer support
  • Value for money
  • Picture quality
  • Overall performance
  • Build quality
  • App support
  • Design
  • Easy to install
  • Users of this product said

    I wanted to have more of a thought process but I wasn't willing to go into the quagmire of camera doorbells that Ring has, with some of the questionable stuff they do with your footage.

    I bought it mainly because of local storage, I don't want to pay rest of life for cloud storage, and I only use it for a short period of time, until I go away for a long period of time.

    I had to return 2 products from another brand because their app wouldn't let the cameras come on line, but I will come back and give it another try.

    I keep motion detection on for the camera in case it actually discovers something important.

    I was able to install the camera with the included screws after it fell off the wall. I received motion notifications whenever anyone came close to the camera.

    Question & Answers


    How much is cloud storage?


    If you want to keep using the Cloud service, you can pay for it, just as long as you think it deserves the payment.


    Is it possible to use the doorbell with a wired plug?


    If you mean one end to the camera and the other end to the outlet, then the answer is yes, but I would like to take advantage of wireless.


    Do you have a way to tilt the camera down?


    Yes. You can purchase a XTU angle mount to tilt the camera.


    How can I pair it with my doorbell?


    When the blue light flashes, you should push the reset button quickly and make sure the device is plugged into power.


    What else can you do to protect the camera from being used to captureguest leaving not while approaching door?


    It might be the angle or location of where you hang it.

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