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Top Selling Electric Facial Cleansing Brush 2023

Written by John Williams
Updated on Sep 14, 2023
Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

The electric facial cleansing brush is a device used for cleansing the face and nasal passages. It is perfect for removing makeup. It comes with silicone bristles to gently and effectively cleanse the skin. You can use this brush for both your face and body as well as it is also gentle enough to use every day.

They come with a spinning brush head that rotates around your face, cleaning out the dirt, oil, and makeup trapped between your skin as well as the hair follicles.

Best Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

LORDSON Facial Cleansing Brush Electric

The review of LORDSON Facial Cleansing Brush Electric is good because it comes with a waterproof design that makes the facial brush easy to clean. This model is made from high-quality silicone that makes the facial brush durable and safe to use. The silicone brush head is washable and replaceable as well as the cleaning brush is eco-friendly. It comes with 4 speeds as well as 4 vibration modes making the facial brush suitable for different skin.

Gackoko Facial Cleansing Brush

Gackoko Facial Cleansing Brush has a 2-speed motor that removes make-up, debris, and grime from the skin effectively. This model offers a bi-directional spinning mode that cleans 360° and successfully penetrates hard-to-reach spots. The brush is made of PBT materials that are soft and gentle on the skin. It includes a second head for sensitive skin as well as a sponge head for makeup removal.

NgraCoola Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

The reviews of NgraCoola Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush are positive because of its magnetic charger. A comfortable, effective, and cost-effective way to prepare your face for makeup. It gently removes dirt, oil, and makeup in one simple step. It has built-in rechargeable sonic vibration technology gently rotates and exfoliates to reveal a smoother, healthier-looking complexion. This facial cleansing brush comes with a rechargeable battery.

ProX by Olay Advanced Facial Cleansing Brush System

The ProX by Olay Advanced Cleansing Brush System has two-speed settings to help you customize your skincare routine while removing even the toughest makeup. You can regulate how the cleansing brush works on your skin by changing the speed. It's also water-resistant, so you can wear it in the shower.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

Bristle Type

Electric facial cleansing brushes come with two types of bristles, mainly nylon and silicone. There are advantages and disadvantages to both nylon and silicone. Nylon exfoliates skin better and silicone is kinder on the skin as well as more hygienic and easier to clean.

Vibrating vs. Oscillating

Some brushes just spin and others produce audible vibrations. They both are good for skin, but the sonic vibrations have more skin-beneficial properties than oscillation.

Speed Settings

You'll want at least two-speed settings. Some brushes brand offer more speed settings. It is good to tailor the brush's intensity according to your skin type and requirements.

Does Electric Facial Cleansing Brush Remove Blackheads?

Cleaning brushes have bristles that gently exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin, debris, and excess sebum. All of this contributes to the formation of blackheads. This deep clean helps to prevent pores from clogging. You should see fewer annoying black spots.

It's also crucial to keep your gadget in tip-top shape by cleaning the bristles by removing the head attachment at least once a week. Try to replace your brush head every three months.

How Do You Use a Facial Cleansing Brush?

Doctors recommend making it a part of your shower routine so that when you use one your skin is already smooth and moist. It aids in the reduction of inflammation. Use it with a gentle cleanser and just a few times a week. Avoid using daily if your skin is sensitive.

How Often Should You Use a Facial Brush?

The answer is simple: don't use it too frequently. Most doctors advise brushing your face twice and thrice a week with a good face cleanser as well as facial cleansing gels. Reduce it to once a week if your skin dries out and your skin tone becomes uneven.

What Products Do You Use With a Cleansing Brush?

Make your cleanser as simple and gentle as possible. Using solutions that contain chemical exfoliants like AHAs or BHAs can increase the risk of irritation. Never use a scrub with a cleansing brush it can irritate your skin.


An electric facial cleansing brush offers an efficient way to remove dirt, oil, makeup, and blackheads. It provides superior results to expensive and drying manual cleansing methods. This facial cleansing tool is also lightweight and compact which allows you to carry it along while traveling.

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