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Top 5 Kids Laptop for Attending School Online

Updated on Sep 20, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Kids Laptop

Kids' laptops make it simple to connect to online classes from home. It helps your kids in completing homework and assignments on time. On school days, kids can even bring a laptop to school. Kids are spending more time online and connected than ever before.

As many schools are closed due to COVID-19, families are adapting to the new normal of virtual learning. More and more schools today prefer online classes to educate their students rather than in-person training. Our featured section offers the leading touch screen laptops and laptops that offer a great user experience.

Top 5 kids Laptop for Attending School Online

Tanoshi Kids Computer Kid's laptop

The Tanoshi 2-in-1 Kids Computer is your child's first and only computer. The laptop is full-featured and makes learning easy and fun for kids. It also comes with built-in educational games for better development. This device provides your child with the basics of computing. This super-slim and lightweight laptop come with an 8 inch HD display. It offers vibrant colors that are bright enough to watch films or play games.

Microsoft Surface Go Kids laptop

The Surface Go is an affordable Windows 10 tablet. It runs on the Intel Pentium Gold processor. It has the look and feels of a full-sized tablet but is lighter than most. The device weighs 1.15 pounds and has an all-new surface pen. This is your ideal companion for all kinds of entertainment like movies, TV shows, games, music, and more.

The Acer Spin 11 Kids laptop

The Acer Spin 11 Chromebook features a 360-degree hinge that transforms into a tablet. You can also use it as a traditional laptop. This 11.6inch laptop has a bright HD IPS touch screen. It is available in Chrome OS to provide the full Google experience. It comes with an upgraded processor which provides an excellent user experience. The 10,000RPM hard drive stores data quickly and efficiently. It has a fingerprint reader for secure login.

The Google Pixelbook Kids laptop

The Google Pixelbook is a lightweight and full-featured laptop with a built-in Google Assistant. It's a durable device and built to last with a sturdy aluminum chassis. The beautiful screen comes with a resolution of 2400×1600 and shows vivid colors and pictures in rich detail. Integrated cameras and a 360° hinge make it easy to use this device in any position.

HP backlit Laptop Kids laptop

The HP 14 Backlit Laptop covers a 1x SuperSpeed USB Type-C 5Gbps signaling rate. This laptop is perfect for students who desire a fun and functional machine. Its ease of use and outstanding performance make it a very user-friendly laptop. Images and text are presented in crisp and clear detail. For documents and presentations, the printer ink is an excellent choice.

How to Choose the Best Laptop For kids?

Grade Level

Today, children and teenagers extensively use iPads and laptop computers on a regular basis. The technology requirements of younger children and college students are different. Small children, for example, require easy access, spill-resistant keyboards, and the option to convert the laptop to tablet mode.

This is what makes a laptop suitable for children. They may start with an iPad and work their way up to a laptop. Gaming laptops, Bluetooth, and storage capacity are important to teenagers. We have a comparative blog on touch screen laptops vs non-touch laptops. It will help you analyze their advantages and disadvantages before you decide to buy them.


Consider how your children will use the laptop. Is it a school laptop? Is it mainly intended for use with Wi-Fi for online communication and internet access? Are you planning to connect your laptop to other devices in your home? You may own a number of Apple products at home, for example. You might want them to connect. These are important questions to consider before purchasing a laptop for your children.


There are many affordable laptops for kids these days. The better they are, the more special features they have, and the more they cost. A laptop is an investment that normally lasts three years. That is why it is important to keep a budget before purchasing a laptop.

Which Operating System is Best for Kids Laptops?

  • Windows 10 is installed on a large number of laptops. It's the most popular operating system and is easy to access and use. This makes it an excellent choice for kids.
  • Some low-cost laptops run Windows 10 in S mode, which is the latest version of Windows. This gives you a familiar Windows experience.
  • You may only require to download the apps from the Microsoft Store. You must use Microsoft Edge for web browsing. The advantages are better security and fewer chances of malware invasion. Check our blog on The best 4K laptops to take advantage of the newest editing software.


Children can benefit greatly from using a laptop for education. The numbers and letters playfully combine fun with education and let your children practice their skills. The game enhances hand-eye coordination as well as technical skills in children.

The newer models come with software that can assist your kids in learning accurate spelling while expanding their vocabulary. The common programs include scrambled words, synonyms, antonyms, and anagrams. BestViewsReviews rates and ranks the leading tablets and top-rated laptops based on the battery life, build quality and touch control.

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Apple MacBook Air

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