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Things to Consider While Buying Space Heaters

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Space heaters are used for generating heat in smaller areas. They are powered by electricity and are a quick and convenient way to raise room temperature and add warmth to your place. 

With special features like automatic oscillation and digital controls, these heaters are becoming much easier to operate. However, while buying, you need to consider the most basic questions to check which heater will accommodate your needs. 

Hence, in this blog, we will explain the top five things you need to look at while buying a space heater

Heater Type 

Most space heaters come in three heating technologies- namely radiant, convection and fan-first. 

Convection heaters are appropriate for even heating in larger areas. Radiant heaters deliver quick warmth in smaller spaces. Fan first heaters use an internal fan that blows across the heating element. Micathermic heaters are suitable for widespread heating and are portable. 

Choosing the heater for your specific needs ensures effective performance.  

Heating Capacity

It is very important to determine the wattage rating to analyze the space the heater will be covering. 1500W heater covers averagely sized rooms as large as 150 sq. ft. Typically, most heaters use 10W of power for each square foot of the space. It is very integral to check the model and its rating as some portable heaters offer more heating than the bigger ones. 


For low power consumption, you can look for energy-efficient heaters. While most portable heaters lack a standard level of efficiency, you can compare them based on features like energy-saving modes and adjustable thermostats which help lower power usage and reduce operating costs.

Safety features

Portable heaters can catch fire, if not monitored properly. To reduce the risk, many heaters come with a cool to the touch surface and other advanced features for security. Some space heaters even have an internal switch that shuts off the power whenever the heater falls down or topples over. Overheat protection is another important feature you should keep in mind. 

Noise level

Non-fan force units are appropriate for silent operation in quieter environments. Baseboard heaters and oil-filled radiators work well for bedrooms and offices. For a little noise interruption, go with these heaters. 


Keeping these factors in mind helps make the overall purchase decision very easy. Space heaters are the best option for targeted warmth and are fit for usage in all your personal spaces. We hope our blog will help you buy the best space heater for your needs. 

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