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Smart Door Locks: The Future of Home Security

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Work stress is already enough to make someone gloomy and the house chores just add to it. Imagine coming back home from the office tired, with loads of files and stuff, and then rummaging through your bag to find your house keys. It’s highly frustrating! And if you drop something in the middle, it’s another mess you’ve to take care of. Déjà vu much? All these problems can evaporate if you install smart door locks. No hiding keys under the mat or dividing duplicates amongst all the housemates. In this article, we’ll walk you through the details of smart door locks so that you can make the best purchase!

Should I get Smart Door Locks if I Live in a Rented House?

We understand that if you aren’t the homeowner you’d be sceptical of getting these locks. However, many brands in the market provide smart door locks as an added layer. You can keep your traditional keys and access the smart door lock at the same time. Mounted over your original locks, there’s no need for a replacement for your smart deadbolt. You just have to make sure that both the locks are compatible with each other. Additionally, we recommend you can check out our featured section that lists some of the best Door Locks for your reference and understanding.

Which Connectivity Medium is the Best for Smart Door Locks?

When it comes to smart door locks, you need Wi-Fi or  Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth is more sought after because there is no chance of the battery getting drained. The batteries of your lock last for a couple of years with Bluetooth being the protocol. The con of Bluetooth is that you’ll need to be in the 300m range of your door to unlock it and can’t do it remotely from anywhere else. It’s more convenient to connect your smartphone if you will be using Bluetooth as the medium.

Wi-Fi lets you access your door lock from anywhere through the internet. However, you’ll need to stock up on spare batteries for your smart door lock. With WiFis like August Wi-Fi 4th Generation, you can track the unlock history of your door and check the current status.

Some Features to Consider Before Buying Smart Door Locks

  • How Smart you Want to go With it

Smart door locks aren’t all necessarily very smart. There’re many locks that have a touchpad and you’ve to put the code to unlock it. These locks generally just remove the hassle of keys. Bluetooth locks also do not give you the advanced tech. If you want to go with a smart lock, we recommend a Wi-Fi one. Yale Assure Lock with Z Wave Smart Touchscreen Keypad works with Alexa voice controls.

Overall BVR Rating

  • Stay with your Deadbolt

Today, many brands allow you to mount these smart locks on top of your old locks. You do not have to worry about replacement and you can use both the key and your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to unlock the door. August Smart Lock + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge attaches to your existing deadbolt easily.

Overall BVR Rating

  • Emergency Power

What if you’re locked outside and the battery of your smart lock is dead? To avoid this havoc, some locks come with external ports, through which you can connect a 9V battery.

  • Temporary keys

Some brand locks like Kwikset 99390-001 allow you to create temporary keys for your guests so that you can delete them once they leave your premises.

The Bottom Line

With smart locks like August Smart Lock Pro (3rd Gen), you don’t have to look for your keys. You can let in family and friends while you’re away at work. Smart door locks help you keep your home secure and by allowing you remote access. By easily connecting to your smartphone, these locks are convenient and really helpful for the Elderly. There are multiple ways in which you can access your smart door lock. We hope our article helped you understand the features and solved some of your questions about this cutting–edge gadget. Additionally, you can read through the blog that gives answers some of the queries what users have enquired before about Smart Door Locks.

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