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Safety Tips While Going Back to Office Post COVID

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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COVID-19 has presented extraordinary and unusual challenges to all of us. Reimagining the office space with a room full of employees working together has become a distant concept. Makeshift offices, social distancing and work from home have become the new slogan. 

As we are still grappling for some ground to stick on, companies across the globe are getting ready to accommodate employees, once the lockdown restrictions are lifted. But the fight with the Novel Coronavirus is not over yet. With people beginning to go back to office, it is important more than ever, to be precautious and follow the safety tips below. Thus, it is essential to follow these safety tips while transitioning back to office.

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Going Back to the Office

Avoid Office If Suffering from Cold or Cough

It is important to stay aware regarding your health. If you experience even the slightest cough, cold, or any other COVID symptom, stay out of work. Your alertness can stop the further spread of this deadly virus.

Take Advantage of Office Benefits

Many companies today offer benefits to COVID patients. Companies today are extensively partnering with healthcare and insurances to offer immediate help to the patients. So, find out what alternative your employer is offering after assessing the risk. This will help you protect yourself and your loved ones from the threats.

Social Distancing is the New Mantra

Your company will most likely welcome you with the new normal- social distancing. Maintain a safe distance while on calls, lunch, parking etc. while on the office premises.

Mask is the New Accessory

Don’t forget the mask when sitting in the same working space. It is important to keep yourself protected from the virus by covering your nose and mouth with a mask. Especially with industries like hotels, hospitals, retails, the mask should be a worn mandatorily.

Work from Home Alternative

Many companies have made working remotely the new normal. And many companies are going for alternate working days. So, if your company has the facility to tele-work, then go for that alternative. At least, till the vaccines are here, it is important to maintain distance.

Window and Air

It is important to have a properly ventilated room while working. If you have a window, it is important to keep it open. The fresh air circulates the space and will prevent the airborne virus from infecting others.

Cover your Cough and Sneezes

It is very important to cover your mouth and nose while sneezing. The tiny virus particles can quickly become air-borne and affect others around. So, make sure to cover them with your hand or with a mask.

Minimum Exposure in Common Areas

Common areas often have employees lounging around, while on their breaks. So, it is important to reduce your exposure to such areas. Especially areas like the cafeteria, smoking zone, etc. should be avoided, if possible.

Sanitize Well

It is important to maintain personal hygiene while in office space. Make sure to carry a sanitizer everywhere. Washing your hands frequently with a good hand wash will also help. Sanitize your sitting space, desk, chair handles, laptops etc. thoroughly.

Avoid Sharing Things amongst Yourself

It is important to keep your things separate from others in this post-COVID era. It is advisable to avoid borrowing or sharing things between employees. Employees often pass through public areas while commuting to the office, and so do their things. Even if you have to borrow, make sure to sanitize them well before using.

Equipment to Use While Going Back to Office


It is advisable to go for a disposable face mask or the more permanent N-95 masks. You can discard disposable after one or two times of using them. Disposable masks are made of breathable material and sit lightly on the nose. They also feature universal elastic ear loops for a good fit.

N-95 masks on the other hand can filter even the smallest of particles. They provide efficient protection against the deadly virus, fire smoke, etc. It is a 5-layer mask admitted in the FDA emergency use Authorization list. They are skin-friendly, comfortable, durable and effective, and should be a must-have equipment.


Having an effective sanitizer is very important. Solimo hand sanitizer is just the thing you will require when you plan to go back to office. This sanitizer kills 99.9% bacteria and is suitable for all types of skin. It can also be used for other surfaces like desks, computers, etc. Many of the sanitizers also come in easy to-go pouches and flip-flap bottles with jelly wraps.

Water Bottle

Having your own water bottle is advisable in offices as common area filters are often a target of dust, germs, bacteria, etc. So carrying your water bottle will not only keep you safe but is also a convenient option.

Some water bottles come with time marker and straw to help you keep track of the water you consume regularly. Some water bottles even come with flip tops, for easy drinking and are usually of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials.


Gloves can be a real deal-breaker if you are working in a sharing space with common office resources to accommodate your office. They are a must in food service industries as well.

All-purpose gloves are a brilliant solution to this problem. Their compatible nature makes it a definite edition in health code regulations. You can either go for vinyl disposable gloves or latex powder-free gloves. They are usually available in packs of 20 to 100 gloves in one pack.

Adjustable Mask Extender

Mask Extender is suitable for people who are using an N-95 mask or a smaller mask with a bigger face. This extender helps you to clip the mask straps behind the head. It is adjustable and fits with masks of all sizes.

They are usually made of stretchable material or Velcro and are quite comfortable to put on for longer hours. These extenders are durable, washable and reusable, making them popular during this pandemic.

We know that staying a year indoors has certainly made us elated about the thought of going back to office. But since Coronavirus is yet to be eradicated, it's best to take all precautions. The society is becoming more acceptable about social distancing and indoors. Till vaccines are not available commonly, it is best to practice social distancing and follow all the above mentioned pointers.

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After all, precaution is better than cure!

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