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One Strap Backpack: The Top 5 Trendy Options 2023

Written by Ruby Taylor
Updated on Feb 3, 2023
one strap backpack

Adding a simple backpack to your wardrobe can transform your look into something more stylish and comfortable. As a practical way to stay organized, the one-strap backpack has grown in popularity in recent years. There is a wide variety of styles to fit the needs of fashion-forward individuals, including vegan leather and upcycled materials. It's time to check out the top 5 trendy one-strap backpacks for 2023!

These backpacks will come in handy for a more sustainable way of living. They are the best choice to offer a sleek and stylish look. If you are someone who loves traveling, then you can also read our blog to know more about trendy backpacks for traveling.

Top 5 trendy one-strap Backpacks 2023

KAVU Rope Bag

The KAVU Rope Bag is ideal for outdoor and urban adventures, boasting a range of features to enhance your experience. The backpack comes with a buckle closure. It is made from high-quality 100% 12 oz cotton canvas for a soft feel and superior durability. The bag's cross-body rope strap length is adjustable from 22 inches to 44 inches for ultimate comfort and convenience. The interior features a cotton lining to keep items secure, and the bag has a capacity of 10L (610 cubic inches). It is also easy to care for, with a hand wash-only recommendation. With this one-shoulder backpack, you can explore comfort in style.

TurnWay Water-Proof Sling bag

The TurnWay Water-Proof Sling Bag is the right accessory to keep you organized and looking great. It is a suitable choice for its stylish design and reliable protection. Crafted from 600D polyester, it is water-repellent and provides maximum comfort and durability. The top-quality zippers and reversible shoulder strap allow you to customize it to fit your needs. Plus, the USB charging port ensures that you always have access to your electronics. This bag is also spacious, with a 12L capacity, giving you plenty of room to store your items.

Mygreen Canvas Cross Body Messenger Bag

This Mygreen Canvas Cross-Body Messenger Bag is perfect for those looking for a stylish yet practical bag. Featuring a washed canvas with leather detailing, this bag offers a multifunctional design with a zipper closure. The bag also features a magnetic pocket, a mesh pocket, and a soft and durable finish. It is perfect for everyday use, allowing you to carry all of your essentials in one convenient and comfortable bag. The adjustable shoulder strap allows you to adjust the bag to fit perfectly, and the several pockets and compartments offer plenty of room for all of your belongings.

Carhartt Mono Sling Backpack

This Carhartt Mono Sling Backpack is the ideal companion for travel and hiking. Constructed from durable water-repellent material, this unisex crossbody backpack will keep your belongings safe and dry. It features multi-functional storage pockets, a 19-inch main compartment, and a padded tablet sleeve. You can also access a fleece-lined front compartment with a key fob, and a hidden front zippered organization pocket. With adjustable shoulder straps and a top grab handle, you'll be able to carry your bag in comfort.

Plus Oversized Sling Backpack

The Plus Oversized Sling Backpack is a suitable one-strap backpack for school students as well as professionals. It features a double-layer design, as well as an adjustable rope strap for comfortable carrying. The polyester lining provides durability, and the zipper closure secures your belongings inside your backpack. With a 15-inch shoulder drop and a 28L plus large capacity, this backpack is ideal for carrying a 14-inch laptop and other essential items. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport while its stylish design ensures that you look fashionable in any setting.

What is one strap backpack called?

The one-strap backpacks, also called sling backpacks provide a unique blend of convenience and style that makes them both functional and fashionable. They are an ideal choice for those on the go, as they are lightweight, easy to carry, and can be worn in a variety of ways. From large tote bags with plenty of storage space to sleek and sophisticated crossbody bags, one-strap backpacks come in a wide range of styles and colors, making them a great option for any wardrobe.

You can also use them for your daily use to carry items such as top-rated laptops, water bottles, smartphones, and other essential items. Their versatility, convenience, and chic design make them a must-have accessory for anyone who needs to stay organized and look stylish at the same time.

Types of Backpacks

Weekend backpack

Weekend backpacks are a popular choice for those looking for a stylish and functional item to take on short vacation outings. The range of weekend backpacks offers a variety of features to suit all needs, from the traditional canvas and leather designs to the more modern, tech-forward options.

They come in sizes between 30 and 50 liters. It is more suitable for 2-3 nights of traveling. All bags feature adjustable straps and sturdy materials to ensure comfortable and reliable carrying, while multiple compartments make it easy to keep items organized. These weekend backpacks are ideal for those looking for a stylish and versatile solution for their on-the-go needs.

Multiday backpack

Multiday backpacks are an excellent choice for a camping trip or for everyday use. They come in sizes between 50 and 80 liters. The spacious compartments provide ample storage to hold all of your items for 3 nights of traveling. Not only are they designed to carry a large amount of weight, but they also feature adjustable straps and comfortable padding.

While the breathable mesh back panel ensures air circulation, keeping your back and shoulders cool and comfortable while you wear it. Additionally, the waterproof design ensures your items remain dry and safe, even in the rain. The sturdy construction makes these backpacks a reliable and durable choice for any outdoor activity.

Extended-trip backpack

Extended-trip backpacks are an excellent choice for travelers who need to bring a variety of items with them on their journeys. They come in sizes 70 liters or larger to carry the items for long-term travel. These backpacks are spacious and offer plenty of room for large items such as laptops, tablets, and clothing, while smaller pockets and compartments provide a place to store smaller items such as toiletries and other important items.

The backpacks also feature adjustable straps and padded shoulder straps for maximum comfort. The materials used to construct these bags are usually highly durable. Long-term travelers should definitely look into investing in an extended-trip-type backpack for their adventures.

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How do I turn one strap into a backpack?

If you are looking to turn one strap into a backpack, the best way to do this is to create an adjustable strap. Most one-strap backpacks come with the option for converting their single strap into a double strap to use as convenient backpacks. Or else you can DIY them by choosing a sturdy fabric such as canvas, leather, or nylon. Cut it to the desired length. Make sure you have enough material to sew the two ends together. Then, attach the two pieces together using double-sided Velcro to create an adjustable length. Finally, attach the strap to a backpack frame, such as a drawstring bag, using strong thread and a needle. With a few simple steps, you can easily convert one strap into a backpack.


The one-strap backpacks have become a must-have these days, especially when you are carrying under 10-15 pounds of weight. The adjustable straps ensure a custom fit for each user and their single-strap design increases mobility by allowing for a full range of motion. By offering a secure, hands-free design, they make it easier to move around while keeping your items safe and organized.

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