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How Do Walkie Talkies Work?

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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With the availability of different channels, walkie talkies help you communicate during emergency situations. It offers seamless communication in the absence of a network. This portable communication equipment works on the push to talk technology, which allows only one person to talk at a time. 

If you are curious about how such a handheld device works, read this blog. We have tried to answer all your questions regarding this device.  There are many benefits of walkie talkies and having one at your disposal can offer you an efficient and affordable way of communication.

Radio signals

With long-range walkie-talkies, the push to talk button helps you communicate by converting your voice to radio signals. These radio signals are part of the electromagnetic spectrum and travel at the speed of light to reach the channel towards which the signal has been aimed. 

In some situations, you might also experience interference in the communication which happens because too many frequencies can be communicated at once. In such a situation, the message becomes difficult to pass through. However, with the advancement in technology, walkie-talkies have improved. The messages can also transmit seamlessly through jammed airways now. 

FRS/GMRS radios 

With wireless walkie-talkies, family radio service and general mobile radio service are the two frequencies that have been allotted for public use and operate at 460 MHz. FRS operates at low power and works well for short-range communication. GMRS on the other hand is much more powerful and offers long-range communication. The message also transmits farther using repeaters. 


When it comes to industrial walkie-talkies the technologies which are used are continuous tone code squelch system and digital coded squelch. In these, encoding takes place to eliminate the mixing of voices. Sometimes you might hear a stranger’s voice on the device when you are on the same channel. CTCSS/DCS technology prevents this from happening.


Used for group communication, walkie-talkies are budget-friendly and provide instant connectivity. The uninterrupted service is provided throughout emergencies and the interaction is also clear in most instances. We also have a dedicated buying guide for a walkie-talkie to help you with your first purchase.

We hope our blog helps you learn thoroughly about the working of a walkie-talkie. To know about buying options, head over to Bestviewreviews.com. We review and recommend some of the best products based on their popularity, demand, and standards.

Happy Shopping to You!!

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