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3_ Memory Vs. Storage- Computer Terminology Sorted

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Emma Wilson

Are you one of those people who think memory and storage of your PC are synonymous with each other?

Err… Yes?

Well, they aren’t. Still, confused? Let us take a look at this blog that focuses on different concepts and information about these two parts, how they operate and how they decide the performance for your PC.

Difference Between Memory and Storage

RAM, (random-access memory) is the “main memory” for your system. It is referred to the memory which your system has and uses it to store data and work efficiently on the command programs. While you work or open any new application in your computer, RAM stores that working data and efficiently allows us to access it. There are some popular sizes for RAM available in the market, like the 4 GB, 8GB, 16GB or even 32 GB! Take a look at the selected list of Computer Memory for the year 2020.

Then there is storage. This is where a hard disk drive comes into play which stores any working data for an indefinite period so that it can be recalled as needed. One of the significant difference between RAM and Storage is that the RAM is more volatile. As soon as you switch your system off, all the information stored in your RAM vanishes. Whereas, whatever that goes to the Storage stays there until erased intentionally.

There are a lot of other factors that make storage and memory quite different from one another.

Storage Vs. Memory

  • Data Retention

Memory, or the RAM, stores the data temporarily till the system is in use. However, storage keeps all data secure, even when your system is in ‘power off’ mode.

  • Capacity

When it comes to the capacity, RAM again takes a backseat. While the maximum size of a RAM available is 64GB, storage beats that easily with a massive space availability of  2TB, or even more. Usually, more RAM is required in PC’s that are exclusively used for gaming purposes. You can read all about it in my other blog, “The Right RAM For Your Gaming PC” which focusses not the right RAM that is required specifically for gaming purposes.

  • Cost

Contrary to what you will think, RAM is way more expensive than Storage. A single GB of RAM can cost you approximately 8$, whereas a single GB of Storage will be available for as low as 10 cents. The capacity of RAM is limited as compared to Storage.

  • Speed

Since it saves all the data temporarily with no previous baggage, RAM runs faster than the storage. It’s always a good idea to have both installed in your system. Maybe this way you will have the best of both the worlds!

Ideal Capacity for your RAM and Storage?

Memory plays a crucial role in improving your application speed and overall performance. There are two factors that decide the performance of RAM- speed and capacity. The more RAM you have, the more data your PC can manipulate. Lack of ideal RAM capacity can affect the running time for your applications, making them slow. RAM is available in a variety of memory capacity as mentioned below.

  • 2-4 GB

This capacity is made to handle a single application at a time and is ideal for Windows XP or Vista.

  • 4-6 GB

This memory capacity can support web browsing, emailing or working with applications like Microsoft office, and other everyday tasks.

  • 6-8 GB

It can handle multiple app screens at the same time and is quite suitable for casual games or multimedia files.

  • More than 8 GB

A memory of 8 GB or more is the best option if you are a professional gamer or work with high-end multimedia files. One of the most recommended in this category is Samsung Original 8 GB which has been thoroughly reviewed and recommended for its performance and efficiency.

Benefits of Storage

If we move on to Storage, it plays a vital role in delivering a seamless performance.

More the Storage, more data your PC can hold for a long time. The fast speed allows the user to access data and run multiple programs quickly and efficiently.

If you feel that you are not very happy with the Storage in your system, you have the option to replace it with a larger one. An option for such a situation is to get a hard drive with an SSD or simply adding an extra one.

To conclude, storage and memory are entirely two very different concepts. But having both of them pre-installed in your system will greatly improve your PC’s performance making your work easy and quick. Be it the usual work or the gaming mode, a good RAM and Storage can serve all.

So, the next time you hear a fellow novice saying that they have a memory of 500 GB, explain to them that it’s the Storage instead.

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