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LIANLAM Twin XL Sheet Set - 4 Piece Bed Sheets

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About LIANLAM Twin XL Sheet Set - 4 Piece Bed Sheets
84% liked the softness, but 16% found it too plush
For me, the softness and durability of the sheets are the most important things. They feel really good.
The bedding sheets are soft with good thickness. I hate paper thin sheets.
The bedsheet is almost satin smooth and very soft.
The sheets feel like the cheapest ones on Wal Mart's shelf. I compared them to 600 count thread sheets from Anna's Linens, which are way thicker and softer.
85% found it washable
I recently purchased the bedding-sheets-pillowcases and washed them before first use. They washed up really well.
The sheets are comfortable, wrinkle-resistant and easy to wash.
The sheets set and four pillowcases are easy to wash and dry.
The bedding sheets are comfortable, soft, and easy to wash.
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87% were satisfied with the thread count, however 13% expected more
I was sceptical about polyester sheets, but was pleasantly surprised by how soft they are, despite always preferring high end/high count Egyptian cotton.
I have sheets from Annas linens that are 600 count thread and they are thicker and softer than my current sheets.
85% appreciated the size, although 15% didn't find accurate
I am satisfied with the size of the bedding-sheets-pillowcases. The Navy Blue king size fits perfectly snug and all the way to the bottom of the mattress. The pillow cases also fit the pillows perfectly, with no loose fabric.
The bedding size is big and should fit most sizes of pillows.
My king size pillows don't fit in the pillow cases, even though the bedding sheets are perfect.
I bought bedding sheets for my king-size bed and they fit perfectly.
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82% found it durable, yet 18% noticed early signs of wear and tear
The softness and durability of the sheets are the most important things for me. They feel good, soft but not sticky, and light but not fragile.
For me, the most important thing is softness and durability. The sheets feel really good - soft but not sticky, light but not fragile.
If the sheets were on the bare mattress, it could be less comfortable over time.

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