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HotelSheetsDirect Bed Sheets Set 1600 Thread Count, 3 Pieces

HotelSheetsDirect bed sheets Set 1600 Thread Count,100 % bamboo sheet Sets,a Superior anti pilling material,certified 144 gsm bamboo fibers,stylish pillowcase pockets
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About HotelSheetsDirect Bed Sheets Set 1600 Thread Count, 3 Pieces
85% liked the softness
The bedding-sheets-pillowcases are as soft as silk.
The sheets have a soft, sateen/silky feel.
The bedding-sheets-pillowcases are extremely soft, like rose petals, feathers, and pure silk.
The sheets are so soft and flowing that they are hard to fold.
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76% found it easy to was, but 24% didn't
After washing, the bedding-sheets-pillowcases became more amazing.
I wash my sheets every week to avoid irritation and they have been washed many times with no thinning or wear evident.
I wash the sheets in cold water and use the air only setting in the dryer to dry them until they are barely damp. I have had absolutely no problems with their durability and they are impressively stain resistant.
The bedding sheets will become softer over time and with more washing.
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70% were satisfied with the thread count, however 30% expected more
The bedding sheets are much more comfortable than Egyptian cotton and 600 thread count.
The sheets are more comfortable than Egyptian cotton and 600 thread count. There is no comparison. They are luxurious and keep me warm during the winter and cool during the summer. I highly recommend them.
The sheet set I bought is much softer than the previous one and there is no comparison between the two.
The sheet's quality is better than cotton and it feels like a 2,500-3,000 thread count cotton sheet.
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75% appreciated the size, although 25% didn't find accurate
I was worried about the size of the fitted sheet and whether it would fit the standard thickness mattress without a topper. But it turned out to be perfect for that size. I don't need to clip on elastic straps at the corners for the first time in years.
After washing, I noticed that the pillowcases were smaller than expected, barely 20 inches if pulled completely taut and 29 inches long. I wanted roomy cases to fit my Coop Eden pillows which are very generous in size, but these are barely long enough and not quite wide enough.
The queen size sheet fit until I washed it and it shrunk, and then it wouldn't tuck under the mattress anymore.
If I had a second chance, I would choose another brand as I should have gone 1 size up and they were able to fit larger mattresses than mine. Not impressed.
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79% found it durable, yet 21% noticed early signs of wear and tear
I purchased a set of sheets 2 years ago and have only had this one set for 2 years.
My bedding-sheets-pillowcases still look brand new even after using them for a while.
I have washed the sheets many times and have not faced any problem with their durability.
The fabric seems a bit thin, but I think they will hold up okay. Also, after 1 week of sleeping on them, the fabric looks brand new.
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