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California Design Den 600 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sheets

600 Thread Count 100 % Cotton sheets,highest quality dye materials,extra long staple cotton fiber
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About California Design Den 600 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sheets
76% liked the softness, but 24% found it too plush
After a few washes, the sheets have softened even more.
The bedsheet is extremely soft but not silky soft. I am happy with the level of softness.
The bedsheet is perfect for my skin and wallet. The material has good weight and 600 thread count makes it soft and durable.
I expected the bedding to become soft after washings over 2 years, but it did not happen.
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73% found it easy to was, but 27% didn't
I wanted to ensure that the sheets could withstand washing.
I suggest washing the sheets separately and drying the top and bottom sheets together for about 9 minutes on medium/high before removing them.
The sheets maintain their sheen even after several washings.
If laundered appropriately, the sheets hold up with regular use.
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66% were satisfied with the thread count, however 34% expected more
Most high-end hotel sheets have a standard thread count of 300-600. These sheets are at the highest end of that spectrum without going overboard. I prefer 400 thread count, but they won't last as long as 600 thread count. In my opinion, higher thread counts make the sheets heavier and hotter to sleep in.
The sheets have finest cotton yarns and 600 thread count.
The standard thread count for most high-end hotel sheets is 300-600. I prefer the 600 thread count sheets as they are at the highest end of the spectrum without going overboard. However, I am aware that 400 thread count sheets would be perfect but they won't last as long and won't hold up as well after many washings. In my opinion, going to higher and higher thread counts makes the sheets heavier and hotter to sleep in.
High quality sheets with a high thread count are worth spending money on. They last longer and do not pill.
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67% appreciated the size, although 33% didn't find accurate
The bedding sheets are great in size and fit all the way around the thick mattress, and can be tucked in.
The fitted sheet is perfect for my 16 inch deep mattress.
I received pillowcases that were too large for my pillows and were most likely queen-sized instead of the standard size mentioned in the product description.
After washing, our sheets are narrower than the ones we usually use.
75% found it durable, yet 25% noticed early signs of wear and tear
After using it for 5 days, my bedsheet is still wrinkle-free with a nice satin look. It doesn't slide off either.
I have been using the sheet set for 7-8 months and it is still as good as new. It is very soft, comfortable and durable.
I bought queen sets in 2011 that lasted for 10 years, alternating by week.
I have noticed that the sheets lack durability and have developed holes in less than three months of use.
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