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Schumacher Battery Load Tester and Voltmeter 100 Amp

A Complete Charging System Diagnosis, Schumacher Battery Load Tester, Highly Visible Meter Readings, Trusted Testing, And Starter Motor Draw, Condition, 50 Amp Load Test

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  • Comes with top-mounted rocker switch that makes it easy to operate
  • Rubber-insulated carrying handle makes it ideal for traveling
  • Delivers a complete charging system diagnosis for batteries in cars, small trucks or RVs


  • May smoke under high pressure

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  • Users of this product said

    The BT 100 Load Tester applies a 100 Amp load to the battery, similar to a 3-6 cyl starter current draw, usually more, but 100 Amp is enough to sort out a weak or defective battery.

    I tried to use it this weekend but the meter wouldn't give me a response and the tester wouldn't work, so I didn't know what caused it to stop functioning.

    After having my battery tested at OReillys, I had to replace the battery cables because they were the same issue.

    I took the guess work out and found out that my batteries weren't going to need to be replaced.

    I used it as a battery load tester and it works well.

    Question & Answers


    Does this test the alternator?


    It does test the alternator, but not a totally foolproof system to find out, you need to know what to do in a case of finding out if it is your battery or not, what I learned from my dad is this.


    I saw a similar unit at HF, but it had aluminum wires instead of copper. What is the unit's make?


    I looked at the unit and saw wires that were not 100% copper but were mostly aluminum wire with thin copper on the outside of the wire.


    Will this work on deep cycle batteries used for solar applications?


    It applies a load across the battery being tested and measures voltage so it can be used as a comparative or trend analysis tool on any 6 or 12volt lead acid battery.


    Is it good for testing lead acid batteries?


    If there is a positive and a negative contact point, you can use the equipment.


    Would it work for a srt8 challenger battery?


    The srt8 Challenger has a rare battery that can only be loaded by highly trained technicians.

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