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Buying Guide for yard-signs

Yard signs are a great way for a business to get its name out to its customers. It is expensive to buy a yard sign than a regular sign, but a yard sign is a more eye-catchy and attention-getting sign. These signs are a must for all businesses that want to get their name out.

There are also used in streets, houses, and many other places. The most common yard sign size is 24" x 18" and is an industry-standard for yard sign printing. We have created a buying guide that will ease your process of picking out a yard sign.

Benefits of Yard Signs


Most of the yard signs are made from wood, metal, or any other hard material. This is because these materials provide durability. They can withstand heavy rains and thunderstorms. These yard signs can be left outside for long periods of time without deterioration.

Visible and Distinct

Yard signs are used to indicate someone about an ad from a distance. It is made with the use of bold colors so that it can be seen and read easily. In many yard signs, lights are also attached so that they can be read with clarity, even during the night.

Size Customization

Yard signs are generally made in size 24"x18". They can also be customized in different sizes according to your preference, budget, and need. The customization feature maximizes its usage. It gets easier for someone who has sight issues to read the signs clearly.

Easy to install

Those groups relying on volunteers or being short on time will appreciate the ease of installation. Installation is quick and straightforward. Despite the need for a pole when placing larger signs, their installation is relatively straightforward.

Factors to be Considered before Buying Yard Signs

Message and Design

The message in your yard sign must be short and precise. It should be clearly written in a wide format so that it can be easily read. The design should be simple. You should have clarity regarding the text you want to write as it will help you to choose the design and size.

Material of the Sign Board

The most popular materials used to make yard signs are cardboard, wood, metal, and corrugated plastic. Wind and other destructive weather conditions make it difficult for large cardboard and plastic bag signage to withstand.

Color of the Board

Your information will stand out and be clear if you use opposing or complementary colors such as black and white or dark purple and yellow. Make your background a dark color and your font a light color, or vice versa. This will help to distinguish your information from the sign's body and make the design more appealing.

Location and Installation

Intersections on high-traffic highways near your business are the best places to put your yard signage. This gives people who are stuck in traffic enough time to see and read the message on your sign. They are big enough to be fitted on the desired spot with ease.


A lot of people don't pay attention to yard signs, but they can be an amazing way to get your message out to your customers and potential customers. The signs can be used on billboards, very large maps, or even on your own front door. Many people don't realize that the signs can be used for different purposes and can be customized to fit your needs. For more information on yard signs and to weigh your buying options, check out our featured section. It has some great recommendations that will meet your requirements.

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