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Buying Guide for Wheel Adapters & Spacers

Wheel adapters & spacers are small pieces of metal, or plastic, which can be placed between a wheel of a vehicle and the axle or hub. They prevent the wheel from rolling beyond the point where it has been secured. Wheel adapters are smaller, typically made from brass, and have a wider mounting face than normal wheels.

Spacers are larger versions of wheels, often plastic, which run perpendicular to the wheel and sit between the wheel and chassis. Some spacers are also used to raise the height or lower the size of the rim. Read through our guide below to know more about them.

Benefits of Wheel Adapters & Spacers

Larger Brake Clearance

Wheel spacers and adapters allow you to fit larger brake packages by pushing your wheels further out from the wheel arch in which they sit. A larger set of brakes will then increase your vehicle's overall stopping power, making wheel spacers an excellent choice for those looking to test their car in high-performance, racing scenarios.

Better Appearance

A set of alloy wheel spacers will improve the vehicle's styling. The wheels and tires will then be flush with the wheel arches, giving your preferred vehicle a satisfying, aggressive, and powerful stance on the road.

Helps with Rubbing Issues.

Using a wheel spacer and adapter, you can move the tire away from the vehicle. This can be extremely beneficial in terms of clearance and rubbing issues.

Improves the Performance

Wheel adapters and spacers are a simple way to improve your vehicle's performance. This option's design will move the wheel further away from the chassis, resulting in a wider track and a lower center of gravity. This ensures more grip as you enter a corner, allowing for a faster acceleration response as you exit it.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Wheel Adapters & Spacers


Wheel adapters and spacers come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and formats, such as slide-on, bolt-on, hub adapter, and so on. Sizes range from as thin as 2 mm to as thick as and even beyond 35mm. It is critical to read the product description when selecting the correct size wheel spacers for your vehicle.

Nuts & bolts

Many wheel adapters and spacers on the market lack nuts and bolts. The bolts that secure the wheels must have the same amount of thread engagement. Check for the precise length extended bolts and nuts required to ensure proper and safe fitment.


The wheel and tire fit in relation to the fender will be determined by the correct thickness wheel adapter and spacer. Too small will result in an unsightly gap, while too large may result in tire rubbing. To determine the correct size and fitment, take measurements between the rim/tire edge and the fender edge.


Make sure to pay attention on the quality of wheel adapters and spacers before you buy them. Good quality will last long and will ensure better vehicle performance. We recommend you to buy from a reputed brand to ensure buying the right quality product.


Wheel adapters & spacers are a great tools to have at hand. But choosing the right one can be difficult. If you are looking for the best, then check the product reviews. Decide which wheel adapters & spacers best suits your requirements. Remember the tire clearance and the design you are looking for. We hope our guide will help you through the process of buying the best product. You can also take a look at the most reviewed products in our featured section above. We review top-rated products based on design, performance, and quality.

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