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BVR Rating 437 reviews
$1 OFF
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Reasons to buy
  • Comes with heavy duty 304 stainless steel U-bolt and thick powder coated plate that offers resistance to rust
  • Ideal for hitches on trucks, SUV's, vans, RV's and trailers
  • Anti-rattle hitch tightener eliminates hitch noise, wobble, rattle and movement for cargo carriers
  • May not be suitable for heavy loads
BVR Rating 36 reviews
$3 OFF
Reasons to buy
  • Made of high quality alloy steel that offers an extended durability
  • Comes with three attached chrome trailer hitch balls that is ideal for various capacity hitch receivers
  • Ideal for heavy vehicles like trucks, tractors, trailers and more
  • The hitch mount may not be rust resistant
BVR Rating 111 reviews
$12 OFF
All Buying Options
Reasons to buy
  • Features 2 inch ball mounts that makes it compatible with different vehicles
  • Fits hollow or solid core ball mounts that makes it easy to use
  • The hitch clamps ball mount to the receiver that makes it convenient to install
  • The hitch may not be resistant to rust
BVR Rating 63 reviews
$70 OFF
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BVR Rating 57 reviews
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BVR Rating 27 reviews
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BVR Rating 53 reviews
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BVR Rating 38 reviews
$9 OFF
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Reasons to buy
  • Comes with two tightening knob type screws for increased stability and security
  • Made of heavy-duty all steel construction with durable powder coat finish to resist rust and corrosion
  • Features a draw hole that helps to drain away rain and melt snow
  • May not adequately fit a 2.3" mast
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Buying Guide for Towing Hitch Mounts

A towing hitch mount is a device that is used to attach a trailer or other towed object to a vehicle. There are many different types of hitch mounts, but they all serve the same purpose. Hitch mounts can be found on both cars and trucks, and they are typically made from metal or plastic.

Hitch mounts typically have two parts: the receiver and the ball mount. The receiver is the part that is attached to the vehicle, and the ball mount is the part that attaches to the trailer. The receiver usually has a hole in it so that the ball mount can be inserted. Hitch mounts can be secured in place with a pin or a clip.

Most hitch mounts have a weight limit, so it is important to check the weight limit of your hitch before attaching anything to it. Towing hitch mounts are an essential part of towing a trailer, and they can make the process of attaching a trailer much easier. You can check out Amazon for some of the exclusive selections of towing hitch mounts available.

Benefits of Towing Hitch Mounts

Easy to Use

Towing hitch mounts help by mounting the ball hitch on the tow vehicle. This provides a stable connection between the tow vehicle and the trailer. It also makes it easy to remove the hitch when not in use.

Keeps Hitch Organized

Towing hitch mounts are a great way to keep your hitch organized and tidy. They allow you to store your hitch receiver, ball mount, and other hitch accessories in a neat and orderly fashion. This makes it easy to find and grab whatever you need when you're ready to tow.

Prevents Theft

Towing hitch mounts are a great way to help prevent theft of your trailer. They provide a secure connection between your vehicle and trailer, making it much more difficult for thieves to disconnect and make off with your property.

Keeps Hitch Area Cleared

Towing hitch mounts help keep the hitch area clear by providing a mounting point for the hitch receiver. This keeps the hitch receiver from being obstructed by other objects, and makes it easier to connect and disconnect the trailer.

Factors to Consider before Buying Towing Hitch Mounts

Weight Capacity

When shopping for a towing hitch mount, the weight capacity is an important factor to consider. The weight capacity indicates how much weight the hitch mount can safely support. If you plan on carrying a heavy load, make sure to choose a hitch mount with a high weight capacity.

Type of Hitch

The type of hitch mount you need depends on the vehicle you have. Class I and Class II mounts are for smaller vehicles, while Class III and Class IV mounts are for larger vehicles. If you have a trailer hitch, then you will need a mount that is compatible with it.

Length of Hitch Extension

When you are looking at towing hitch mounts, one of the things you will want to consider is the length of the hitch extension. This can be important for a couple of reasons. First, you need to make sure that the hitch mount will be able to reach the trailer hitch on your vehicle. If it is too short, you will not be able to use it. Second, you need to consider the length of your vehicle. If the hitch mount is too long, it could cause damage.


Price is an important factor to consider while purchasing a towing hitch mount. You want to make sure that you are getting a good quality product that will last, but you also don't want to overspend. There are a variety of towing hitch mounts available on the market, so it is important to do your research to find the best option for you.


A towing hitch mount is a device that is used to attach a trailer to a vehicle. There are many different types of hitch mounts, but they all serve the same purpose. Hitch mounts can be found at most auto parts stores or online. To know your buying choices, head over to our featured section. We review and recommend leading products based on design, performance, and ease of use.

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